Agora Deposit: U 13:1
Title:   Well in Room 6 of Street Stoa U/2,U/3-13/15
Category:   Well
Description:   Well in Room 6 of Street Stoa U/2,U/3-13/15.
Associated with the building lying under the Roman Street Stoa. Its fills divided into 5 separate layers, with the bulk of finds belonging to Layer 1, the so-called Upper Dump fill. The well was dug into bedrock and is unlined. At its bottom it was round with a diameter of 1.00m. hand-holes roughly 0.42m apart, were noted on its east and west sides.
Layer 1. 64.73-51.25m (boxes 1-72, plus box 149 representing the fill immediately above). In this layer the bulk of sherds and vases was greater than the bulk of earth. It was noted at the time the well was dug that objects seem to come out in groups, i.e. there would be many boxes of fine ware, followed by cooking ware, or mortars etc., but the entire fill seems to be of one date and joins were found between upper and lower boxes. It was also noted that there were joins between objects found in the well and those found in the fill immediately above it, suggesting that the whole area was raised at the time the well was filled in.
Layer 2. 52.25m-50.43 (boxes 73-74) was a fill of almost pure earth, stones, and cut bedrock. It produced one box of pottery and three catalogued items.
Layer 3. 50.43m-49.93 (boxes 76-77). The fill consisted of stones, broken roof tiles, and disintegrated mud brick. It produced 12 boxes of pottery and 4 catalogued objects.
Layer 4. 49.93m-48.13m (boxes 78-80) was a fill of almost solid cut bedrock which produced 5 boxes of pottery and no catalogued objects. The fill of broken bedrock probably represents the partial collapse of the well which led to its abandonment. As we dug the well we noted many areas where the sides were no longer preserved.
Layer 5. 48.13m-46.71m (boxes 81-85) consisted of a fill of mixed earth, fallen bedrock, few stones, roof tiles, 27 boxes of pottery and 19 catalogued items. This fill probably represents the period of original use of the well.
Contents:   Apart from the catalogued items 59 tins of pottery, 1 tin of loom weights, and 1 tin of roof tiles were kept. An additional 212 tins were thrown; these included 46 tins of lekanis fragments, 50 tins of roof tiles, 87 tins of amphora fragments, 7 tins of mortar fragments, 2 tins of lopas fragments, 4 tins of eschara fragments, 4 tins of basins and tubs in fragments, and 11 tins of assorted coarse ware fragments. These objects were thrown back into the well.
Notes:   Lot ΡΡ' 394- return to 279.
Lot ΡΡ' 395-return to 277.
Lot ΡΡ' 396-now only a sack see U 13:1 tin report 25 July 2006.
Material in these lots was pulled from other lots of U 13:1 pottery for study purposes JAA 5.12.82. p. 1104
Bibliography:   Hesperia 83 (2014), pp. 190, 198, 201, 226-231, 238, nn. 2, 66, 82, figs. 7, 8, 9, table 2.
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Date:   14 June-21 August 1973
Section:   ΡΡ'
Grid:   U/2,3-13/15
Elevation:   -18m.
Masl:   -18m.
References:   Publication: Hesperia 83 (2014)
Publication: Hesperia Suppl. 46 (2011)
Publication: Hesperia Suppl. 47 (2013)
Image: 2013.01.0028
Image: 2013.01.0029
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