Agora Deposit: U-V 19:1
Collection:   Agora
Type:   Deposit
Name:   U-V 19:1
Title:   Well South of Soft Yellow Poros Foundation
Category:   Well
Description:   Well South of Soft Yellow Poros Foundation. Dumped filling of a collapsed well, that, due to hazardous conditions, could not be cleared below- 2.50m. The well was partly cut on the east side by a Byzantine storage pithos, and on the south side it was disturbed by another, tile-lined, well of the Roman period (U 19:4), which had been used for water and then as a cesspool inn the early 20th century.
Filling almost entirely later Protogeometric, with a few sherds of Earliest Protogeometric, all apparently drawn from disturbed graves.
At -1.50m a complete and ordered skeleton (man of 45-50 years old), doubled up so that its thighbones were parallel to and to the backbone, lay on a rough stone slab.
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Chronology:   Protogeometric-Early Geometric II, ca. 850 B.C.
Date:   13-15 April 1959
Section:   ΕΛ
Elevation:   -2.5m.
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Image: 2012.55.1273 (81-462)
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Object: P 26434