Agora Object: Agora XXX, no. 287
Chronology:   Ca. 440 B.C.
Deposit:   B 12:3
Published Number:   AV 30.287
References:   Object: P 7282
Object: P 8445
Object: P 8446
Thirty-two non-joining fragments of rim, wall, and cul. Narrow reserved band on inside of rim, another 0.082 below rim. Glaze pitted on some fragments; has a greenish cast here and there. Max. dim. P 7282 a: 0.106, b/P 8445 f: 0.09, c) 0.067, d) 0.03, e) 0.068, f/t) 0.064, g) 0.038, h/P 8445 g: 0.09, j) 0.073, k) 0.049, l) 0.031, m) 0.03, n) 0.082, o) 0.041, p) 0.043, q) 0.039, r) 0.02, s) 0.05, u) 0.024, v) 0.05, w) 0.04; P 8445 a) 0.127, b) 0.061, c) 0.067, d) 0.061, e) 0.087, h) 0.057, j) 0.064, k) 0.085, l) 0.085, m) 0.064; P 8446: 0.064. Estimated height of upper register 0.13; of lower, 0.089. P. E. Corbett, Hesperia 18, 1949, pl. 78:137 (P 8446); Matheson, Polygnotos, p. 468, cat. no. PGU 111 and p. 470, cat. no. PGU 122.

There is not enough preserved to establish the sequence of figures for either zone. Upper zone: Dionysos with satyrs and maenads. P 8445 b (illustrated) shows most of the head and part of the chest of the god standing frontally, his head turned to left. He wears a chiton and has a wreath and a woolen fillet around his head. At the right break is the end of his thyrsos. P 8446 (illustrated) preserves the wreathed head and shoulders of a satyr to right, his gaze downward. At the left break there is a bit of very straight relief line, perhaps part of a staff (it seems to continue almost to the rim for, at the very top of this fragment, there is a contour line indicating the

limit of the figured zone and the start of the rim). P 7282 k gives the upper arm, the start of the crosspiece, the strings and tuning knobs of a barbiton held by someone facing to right, and P 7282 j shows the tips of the handles and part of the rim of a kantharos. Neither is held by the satyr on P 8446 because the reserved band on the inside of each fragment is not the same width. P 8445 h shows a little bit of the top of the head of a satyr or a maenad, perhaps bending over, for this would explain the amount of space between the figure and the start of the rim above. The next fragments preserve parts of maenads. P 7282 b + P 8445 f (illustrated) shows part of the body and the right arm of one to right dressed in a belted peplos. In her right hand she holds an oinochoe from which wine pours. At the upper left break there is a bit of contour outline of a figure behind her (or perhaps the arm of the barbiton on P 7282 k) and at the right break, a bit of drapery belonging to the next figure, perhaps the maenad (lower part of chiton and himation) on P 7282 c (illustrated): the character of the glaze suggests this juxtaposition. P 8445 d (illustrated) preserves most of the right arm and a few locks of hair of a maenad to right, dressed in a chiton. In her right hand, now missing, she held a thyrsos (part of staff with leafy branch). P 7282 n (illustrated) shows the middle part of a maenad dancing to right, not the ones on P 7282 b + P 8445 f or P 7282 c because the glaze lines for the drapery folds do not match. P 7282 d and u each preserve a bit of drapery; P 7282 g shows the ankle and part of the left foot of a figure, probably a satyr to left; and P 7282 f + t gives the right foot and lower drapery of a maenad hurrying to right. P 8445 c shows most of a kantharos held vertically, with wine spilling from it in a thin stream, and P 8445 e (illustrated) preserves most of the left arm of a satyr to right, then part of a thyrsos, which also has a leafy branch and is held by someone in front of the satyr (there is a bit of contour outline at the extreme right break). P 7282 o seems to preserve a bit of the lower edge of the garment of a maenad (decorated with a black border but not the same as P 7282 f + t, because the lines of glaze on the inside do not match). Lower zone: A, satyrs and maenads. These fragments seem to come from this side. P 7282 a (illustrated) shows a satyr (much of head, right shoulder, lower legs missing) running to right towards someone who holds a flaming torch (part of shaft and at the break a bit of the torch-bearer's hand). Around the satyr's head is a wreath. P 7282 e (illustrated) preserves a little of the back of the head of a maenad, part of her himation over her left shoulder as well as her outstretched left hand. She moves to right, looking back. In front of her is a satyr (tail) to right and hanging on the wall above, a fillet. P 7282 p shows part of an outstretched left arm and the start of the chest of a satyr, probably much like the one on P 7282 a, only reversed, i.e., moving to left. The black outline and slightly greenish background glaze suggests that this figure appeared directly below the maenads on P 7282 b + P 8445 f and P 7282 c in the upper zone. P 7282 h + P 8445 g (illustrated) preserves a little of the lower drapery and heel of one foot of a maenad running to left, pursued by a satyr (left leg from the knee down, a bit of his right shin at the right break). On the ground are a drinking horn and a leafy branch. B, youths. The following fragments seem to belong to this side. P 8445 j shows the lower part of the face and the upper body of a youth to right wrapped in a himation who faces another (hand). P 7282 m preserves the left foot resting on a rock of someone standing to right. The remaining fragments with figured decoration could come from either sid of this register. P 7282 g seems to preserve the leaf of a thyrsos at the far right and if so it would belong to side A. P 7282 r shows a hand holding a branch and P 7282 s the lower shaft of a staff or thyrsos (the fragment is from just above the ground line). What remains on P 7282 l is uncertain: it looks like a bit of the left side of the chest and the start of the upper arm of a male figure. On the rim below the torus, diagonally addorsed palmettes (P 7282 j; P 8445 a [illustrated], h, k--m). Dividing the two zones: egg pattern (P 7282 a, e, f + t, g, o; P 8445 j). At the top of the cul: maeander pattern with saltire-squares (P 7282 h + P 8445 g [illustrated]; P 7282 q). Fragments P 7282 v--w preserve some of the handle reserve on the cul, v with handle root. Preliminary sketch. Dilute glaze: hair on P 8445 h; crenellation pattern on upper garment on P 7282 n (at the very top of the fragment just below the break); tails; lines on torch; muscles. White (flaked): tuning knobs; wine pouring from oinochoe and kantharos; leaves of branches on thyrsoi; wreaths of satyrs; flame of torch; rock.

For the barbiton, see 196.

The Group of Polygnotos: Undetermined (ARV2 1058, 109: P 7282; ARV2 1057, 100: P 8445 and P 8446).