Agora Object: Agora XXX, no. 3
Chronology:   Ca. 470-460 B.C.
Deposit:   Q 8
Published Number:   AV 30.3
References:   Object: P 24141
Five non-joining fragments of neck and wall, two (a and d) with start of handle. Streaky red glaze on inside. Much of the glaze fired red on outside. Max. dim. a) 0.269, b) 0.156, c) 0.092, d) 0.16, e) 0.012.

A, youth leaving home? Fragment a (illustrated) shows the head, shoulders, and right arm of the youth to left wearing a petasos and a chlamys fastened at the right shoulder. In his right hand he holds two spears (their heads omitted because they would overlap the ornament). Above, laurel wreath to left with berries. B (fragment b), Nike (part of wing) flying to left. Fragment c preserves a bit more of the laurel; d shows part of the tongue pattern around the root of the preserved handle; e is without decoration.

The Mykonos Painter (ARV2 515, 10).