Agora Object: Agora XXX, no. 818
Chronology:   Ca. 410 B.C.
Deposit:   U 26:1
Published Number:   AV 30.818
References:   Object: P 15850
Wall fragment with start of handle. P.H. 0.128; P.W. 0.118. P. Arias, Rivista dell'Inst. Naz. d. Arch. e Storia dell'Arte, n.s. 4, 1955, p. 137, fig. 57; J. R. Green, Hesperia 31, 1962, pl. 30:10; Agora XI, pl. 63:c; LIMC V, 1988, p. 363, no. 906 (wrongly numbered 150850), pl. 272, s.v. Hermes; M. A. Zagdoun, La sculpture archaïsante dans l'art hellénistique et dans l'art romain du haut-empire, Athens 1989, pl. 21:19 (also numbered P 150850).

Hermes (forearms, right foot, left leg from mid-calf missing) moves to right. He wears a petasos (part of brim gone), a cloak, and boots. Behind him, part of the encircled palmette configuration with inverted bell and concentric circles at and below the handle. At the root of the handle, egg pattern. At the top of the fragment, only a bit of the pattern above the figures (tongues[?]). Relief contour. Dilute glaze: most of bell; surface between locks of hair.

For a similar egg pattern articulating the inverted triangle of the handle root, see Ferrara 20410 = T.18 C VP from the Alexandre Group (ARV2 1213, 1; Addenda 347).

The Class of Agora P 15840 (ARV2 1697, sub p. 1518).