Agora Object: G 720
Inventory Number:   G 720
Section Number:   ΒΕ 1198
Title:   Bottle Fragment
Category:   Glass
Description:   Mended from numerous fragments to make up two large pieces, one (a) from the top, one (b) from the bottom of a large round bottle with a high, narrow neck.
Fragment(a): preserves the tall, cylindrical, slightly tapering neck and round mouth, and part of the shoulder down to the largest diameter.
Fragment (b): preserves most of the round bottom with central dimple.
Thin clear greenish glass.
Context:   Well.
Notebook Page:   4453
Negatives:   97-24-(25), 97-24-26, 97-24-(27)
Dimensions:   Diam. a) (belly) ca. 0.12, a) (mouth) 0.026; P.H. a) 0.13, b) 0.07; H. a) (neck) 0.058; Max. Dim. b) 0.113; Th. ca. 0.005
Date:   4 August 1992
Section:   ΒΕ
Grid:   K/4,5-1/14,15
Elevation:   40.30m.
Masl:   40.3m.
Deposit:   K 1:2
Bibliography:   Paterakis (2003a), pp. II2.4.1-II2.4.7.
References:   Image: 2012.83.0660 (97-24-26)
Deposit: K 1:2
Card: G 720