[Thompson Image] Turkey. Istanbul; St. John srudion.

Dorothy Burr Thompson ... 1933 ... 2040 ... 2040

[Agora Object] T 1030: Base Fragment of Figurine

Half of bottom part preserved. Circular, with horizontal bands; on second from the bottom, the letters: K Y. Small vent-hole pierced in bottom. Traces of white paint. Red clay, buff surface. Cf. T 1008, ... 29 February 1936 ... Object


[Corinth Object] KP 2040: KOTYLE

Fragment. Potters' Quarter ... KP 2040 ... 2040

[Corinth Object] MF 2040: BRONZE BUCKLE

Bronze buckle similar to MF-5167 (Davidson 1952, Corinth 12, cat. 2237). Rectangular perforations in upper surface of plate; no punched design. One rivet remains in place. Similar to MF-1972-58. Bronze ... Byzantine or later according to Corinth; Frankish based on comparanda ... Object


[Corinth Coin] 1933 2040: Medieval Silver Coin of Henry III

Henry III ... AR hENRICVS REX III Head of king GIL BER TON CAN Long cross of double limbs; three pellets in each angle Letters Peirene; Pit for Well F2 Excavation date: 6/2/1933, . Study Collection. Data Entry Funded ... 1933 2040 ... 2040