[Corinth Object] MF 5850: BRONZE UNGUENT SPOON

Bronze unguent spoon with long, thin shaft, circular in section, tapering to a point at one end and tapering and curving slightly at the other end toward a small, deep hemispherical bowl tipped at a slight ... Late Roman or Byzantine? ... Object


[Agora Image] Inscribed black figure lekythos.

Angelique Sideris ... Museum object. Stoa Gallery-Case No. 34. Horizontal (normal) ... 9 Mar 2012 ... Museum object. Stoa Gallery-Case No. 34.

[Agora Object] L 5850: Lamp

Handle missing. Concave disk foot, tall closed body, flat rim, sloping down slightly. Reserved: underside of foot. Glaze somewhat misfired. Orange clay. Type 23C of Agora collection. 1st. half of 4th ... 27 July 1973 ... L 5850 ... L 5850


[Agora Card] I 5850

I 5850 ... I 5850


[Agora Card] L 5850

L 5850 ... L 5850


[Agora Object] I 5850: Grave Monument

Inscribed grave stele. Apparently intact. Below inscription a sunk panel with elaborate loutrophoros in relief, somewhat chipped. Pentelic marble. ADDENDA The stone adjoins Ι 754 (Ι 276) at the north ... 25 May 1939 ... I 5850 ... I 5850