[Corinth Object] T 3560: TYPE XXVIII LAMP

Roman lamp Type XXVIII. Solid handle. Unglazed. Herring bone on rim. Christian monogram on disk. inscribed. Signed: CW Red clay. Complete or intact. Complete. March 26, 1931. Tselio. Chamber Tomb II. Above ... Object ... T

[Agora Object] T 3560: Figurine Fragment

Part of head, and body below waist missing. Dwarf with pierced eyes; he carries something on his left shoulder and looks sharply up to his right. Red glaze over pink clay. Plastic lamp (?). Cf. T 3647 ... 17 March 1958 ... Cf. T 3647.


[Agora Card] T 3560

T 3560 ... T 3560


[Corinth Image] slide 3560

slide 3560 ... 3560


[Corinth Image] Type Xxviii Lamp

Dellatolas, Petros ... specific view Canon EOS 5D Mark II NB0 P0 ... 2013-03-12 00:00:00+02 ... T 3560