Agora Publication: Agora XI
Title:   Archaic and Archaistic Sculpture
Author:   Harrison, E. B.
Abstract:   Over 170 catalogued pieces of sculpture from the Athenian Agora are divided into four sections: the genuinely Archaic in date and form, the “archaistic” imitating Archaic originals (late 5th century to early 4th century B.C.), and two restricted groups of sculpture common in Athens. The latter are the Hekataia (a triple Hekate figure) and the herms. The chronological range is thus from the earliest Archaic kouros (ca. 600 B.C.) through the herms and Hekataia of the Roman period. Among other questions, the author explores the nature of the archaizing movement and the different types of herms and how they were used in the Agora.
Series Title:   The Athenian Agora: Results of Excavations Conducted by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Publication Place:   Princeton
Publisher:   American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Volume:   11
Date:   1965
Page:   iii-ix+xi-xix+1-192
ISBN:   978-0-87661-211-7
OCLC:   423878
DOI:   10.2307_3601972
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