[Agora Monument] Public Offices

Domestic, Commercial Unknown Rubble Walls Poor, mostly foundations ... 4th B.C ... 4th B.C.


[Corinth Object] V 4: VOTIVE BIG TOE

Solid, mouldmade big toe from left foot, underside flat and rough. Nail modelled by deep, squared-off gouge in clay, knuckle denoted by two parallel incised lines. Fine buff clay. Missing parts. Single ... V 4 ... 4


[Agora Image] Inscription fragment.

AMS Horizontal (normal) ... Image | Series | Roman Numeral | V

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Monographs Excavations in the civic and cultural center of classical Athens began in 1931 and have continued almost without interruption to the present day. The first Athenian Agora volumes presenting ... Publications: Monographs

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Picture Books The Athenian Agora Picture Book series, started in 1951, aims to make information about life in the ancient commercial and political center of Athens available to a wide audience. Each booklet ... Publications: Picture Books

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Guide Books In a newly revised version of this popular site guide, the current director of excavations in the Athenian Agora gives a brief account of the history of the ancient center of Athens. The text ... J.Publication Date: 2003ISBN: ... C.Publication Dates: 1954, 1962,

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[Agora Object] T 4: Head of Figurine

Front part of crude head. Details indicated by roughly gouged lines. Traces of red and white paint. Mold made; hollow. Buff clay. Cf. T 20. 90 Leica ... 15 June 1931 ... T 4 ... T 4