Agora Publication: Agora IV
Title:   Greek Lamps and Their Survivals
Author:   Howland, R. H.
Abstract:   The author has used the trustworthy chronological data supplied by the scientific excavation of “closed deposits” at the Athenian Agora to build a continuous series of lamp types from the 7th century B.C. to the 1st century A.D. Many photographs and profiles of sections permit ready identification, and a handy graphical chart of lamp types facilitates quick checking of the chronological range of each.
Series Title:   The Athenian Agora: Results of Excavations Conducted by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Publication Place:   Princeton
Publisher:   American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Volume:   4
Date:   1958
Page:   ii-v+vii-ix+1-5+7-252
ISBN:   978-0-87661-204-0
DOI:   10.2307_3601958
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