Agora Publication: Agora V
Title:   Pottery of the Roman Period: Chronology
Author:   Robinson, H. S.
Abstract:   A group of closed deposits, ranging in date from the 1st century B.C. to the early 7th century A.D., provide evidence for the relative and absolute chronology of pottery used during many centuries of Roman domination—from the sack of Athens by Sulla in 86 B.C. to the Byzantine period. A descriptive catalogue divides the pottery into eight groups, arranged into chronologically differentiated layers. Prefacing the catalogue of each group, a brief general description gives the location, chronological limitations, basis for dating, etc., and then the individual items are described in considerable detail.
Series Title:   The Athenian Agora: Results of Excavations Conducted by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Publication Place:   Princeton
Publisher:   American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Volume:   5
Date:   1959
Page:   iii-vii+ix-xiv+1-149
ISBN:   978-0-87661-205-7
OCLC:   619200
DOI:   10.2307_3601960
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