Agora Publication: AgoraPicBk 3 (1959)
Collection:   Agora
Type:   Publication
Name:   AgoraPicBk 3 (1959)
Title:   Miniature Sculpture from the Athenian Agora
Author:   Thompson, D. B.
Abstract:   Small sculptured figures of humans and animals have been found all over the Agora, ranging in date from the earliest occupation of Athens to the end of the Late Roman period. This booklet presents a representative sample of these carvings, ranging from elegant ivory figures of Apollo to small toy horses recovered from children’s graves. Illustrated with almost 80 black and white photographs.
Series Title:   Excavations of the Athenian Agora: Picture Book
Publication Place:   Princeton
Publisher:   The American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Volume:   3
Edition:   1
Date:   1959
ISBN:   0876616031
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PDF:   AgoraPicBk-3.pdf
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