Agora Report: 1947 ΝΝ
Collection:   Agora
Type:   Report
Name:   1947 ΝΝ
Title:   Section ΝΝ: 1947
Author:   Rodney S. Young
Abstract:   Excavation continued in section ΝΝ with the aim of clearing the area for the new museum. Because of the unforeseen depth of filling, the area remained unfinished.
Several features were dug and examined. The Great Drain and the Post-Sullan Drain were cleared out throughout their length within the section, as was the Late Roman Water Channel running under the Roman Bath, which was proved to have two periods of use. A second Roman Bath was found. The two baths were separated by a street overlying Drain A.
The excavation of several houses continued. Of particular interest was a large cutting which produced a heavy deposit of ostraka. A number of burials were excavated, amongst them a Mycenaean chamber tomb.
Fifteen of twenty-two wells totally found in the section, were dug, as were two cisterns.
Date:   10 Mar-3 Nov 1947
Section:   ΝΝ
Keyword:   Checked
PDF:   1947 ΝΝ.pdf
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