Agora Report: 2008 Excavations
Collection:   Agora
Type:   Report
Name:   2008 Excavations
Title:   Preliminary Report on the 2008 Excavation Season
Author:   John McK. Camp II
Abstract:   Excavations took place in three sections, two north of Hadrian Street (ΒΗ and ΒΘ) and one in the old area south of the Tholos (Γ).
In Section ΒΗ, layers in, over and behind the building identified as the Painted Stoa were excavated to down below the middle Byzantine walls. The back wall and the interior colonnade were explored and detailed information about the building construction were gained. Behind the back wall a small fragment of a large terra cotta pipe was found in situ in middle Byzantine layers. Layers contemporary with the Stoa were not reached this season. A rubble wall may represent a late blocking of the interior colonnade, relatively common in the late Roman period.
In Section ΒΘ, a new section was opened up after the demolition of two houses. Mostly late fills were dug but the top of Byzantine walls came to sight in some places, as was large worked blocks that may have come from one or several Classical buildings.
In Section Γ, the exploration of some small buildings of the Classical period continued. The aim was to try to determine if these buildings were public or private. A tile-lined well was found and its location should indicate that the area was an open courtyard surrounded by buildings. The well went probably out of use in the 4th century B.C. Elsewhere various floor levels and pits were dug, most of them dating to the 4th century B.C. Some fill contained pottery of the 8th and 7th centuries B.C., perhaps indicative of earlier houses or disturbed burials.
Date:   10 Jun-1 Aug 2008
Section:   ΒΗ
Grid:   K/4,L/13-3/2,4/2
Elevation:   52.082-55.367m.
Masl:   0-55.367m.
Keyword:   Checked
PDF:   2008 Excavations.pdf
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