Agora Report: 2014 Excavations
Collection:   Agora
Type:   Report
Name:   2014 Excavations
Title:   Agora Excavations Preliminary Report - Summer 2014
Author:   John McK. Camp II
Abstract:   Excavations in 2014 were carried out in three sections: ΒΘ, ΒΓ and ΒΖ.
In Section ΒΘ, overlying the Painted Stoa, the Byzantine houses of the 11th century A.D. were further exposed in the western part and two more pithoi were found. The eastern half was dug deeper; a pithos discovered at a lower level suggests an earlier phase of the Byzantine settlement. Reused blocks, of which some may be associated with the Painted Stoa, were recovered from the walls. A fragment of an inscribed opisthographic stele turned out to be part of the records of the Poletai.
In Section ΒΖ, excavation continued in early layers in the area north of the Classical Commercial Building. A Mycenaean chamber tomb, collapsed in antiquity and cleaned out and filled in the late 8th century B.C., was partially excavated. Two skeletons were found along with pottery and beads from a necklace.
In Section ΒΓ, the exploration of the Panathenaic Way continued. Several road surfaces of Hellenistic date were encountered. No traces of wheel ruts were found which suggest that this road was closed to wheeled traffic. In Classical levels, numerous post-holes of various sizes and depths were dug.
A large number of images of Section ΒΘ were taken with the use of a drone.
Date:   9 Jun-1 Aug 2014
Section:   ΒΘ
Keyword:   Checked
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