Corinth Basket: NB976 B57 P128
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Basket
Name:   NB976 B57 P128
Area:   Panaghia north
Category:   Deposit
Notebook:   976
Context:   57
Page:   128
Date:   2006/05/19
Stratum:   fill E of wall 294, N of wall 215; reddish-brown, silty sandy soil, compact, poorly sorted, with 40% inclusions of tile, coarse pebbles, and cobbles
Notes:   We are leaving a martyr or safety bulk to prevent contamination between Basket 57 and the layer of "debris" discovered in Basket 48; at this point, we are unsure whether this "debris" continues under Basket 57 or was cut into it. There is a high concentration of tile, painted plaster, and limestone cobbles in the NW and SW part of B57 and the area directly E of wall 294; is this destruction debris? In the area directly E of wall 294, we discovered a Corinthian cover tile with complete profile (L. 35 cm, W. 16 cm, TH. 5 cm, H. 9 cm). In the area directly S of wall 294, we are hitting stones that run towards the E; is this part of an E-W wall? In the SE part of our basket, we discovered a lense/patch of re-deposited colluvium which seems to run under the soil of B57. This colluvium abuts wall 215 and relates to that excavated in B33. This soil is reddish-purple with 60% inclusions of pebbles and relatively sterile. A coin was found at E 412.00/N 970.81 with an elevation of 91.24. Tiles found in the N end of B57 against wall 294.
Context Pottery:   oinochoe geo form 1, handle 1, fineware. (saved to lot)
    closed vessel with added purple? Arch?, fineware.
    Hellenistic casserole rim 4, handle 3, cooking ware.
    roundm pitcher roman rim 1, handle 1, cooking ware.
    unid rs base, bs 1, fineware.
    preroman ca. 30, fineware.
    pitcher ws rim 1, fineware.
Pottery Summary:   79 frag(s) 0.37 kg. (1% saved) fineware
    154 frag(s) 3.59 kg. (0% saved) coarseware
    110 frag(s) 0.98 kg. (0% saved) cooking ware
Context Artifacts:   bronze triangular-shaped, tapered, thick strip 1 (L. 0.04, W. 0.015, TH. 0.008) (saved to lot)
    glass, clear, bs 1, tubular ring foot 1
    ptd plater white 35, yellow 6, black 33, red 54, red/white/black 2, red/black 1, red/yellow 1 (saved to lot)
    bone unid 5
    snake stele 1 (saved to lot)
    cover tile
Period:   1 st c. A.C.
Chronology:   First half 1st c. A.D.
Grid:   412.40-410.00E/969.00-973.50N
XMin:   410
XMax:   412.4
YMin:   969
YMax:   973.5
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
Masl:   91.15-91.42m.
References:   Coin: 2006 58
Coin: 2006 61
Notebook Page: NB 976, spread 72 (pp. 128 - 129)