Corinth Basket: NB982 B86 P152
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Basket
Name:   NB982 B86 P152
Area:   Panaghia north
Category:   Deposit
Notebook:   982
Context:   86
Page:   152
Date:   2007/04/11
Lot:   Lot 2007-001
Stratum:   Cistern 2006-01 fill. Light reddish brown, firm weakly cemented, 5-10% inclusions.
Notes:   This basket is a continuation of basket 85. The new basket was begun after an arbitrary stop following the uncovering of several large cobbles/small boulders. Slight color change--slightly darker, more moist--but likely due to the basket 85 soil having been exposed to the sun and becoming sun-baked. IN the first pass we found several ~.5-1cm size pieces of charcoal. Removed the boulder and the cobble in the NW corner once they were determined to be isolated stones. A few small chunks of mudbrick were noticed in this basket but were not saved. Also have a number of additional pieces of charcoal. A bronze coin was found in the zembil and therefore out of context. Although the easting and northing were not available, we were able to get an elevation (90.54) based upon the level pass that was excavated. A painted sherd depicting a standing figure was found and sent to the museum. At the end of this basket, photographs were taken by Sarah James, see photographs on pages 153 and 155 (JPG-2007-165, BW-2007-11-03, JPG-2007-166, BW-2007-11-04). All soil from basket 86 was dry-sieved. Small finds included a piece of chert, several shells and several small bones.
Context Pottery:   Tall trefoil oinochoe bs 1, fineware. (saved to lot)
    RF bell krater bs 1, fineware. (saved to lot)
    Blister ware duck askos bs 1, fineware. (saved to lot)
    Flanged casserole rim 2, cooking ware. (saved to lot)
    Lekane rim 1, coarseware. (saved to lot)
    Semi-glazed bowl rim 3, fineware. (saved to lot)
    Kantharos spur handle 1, fineware. (saved to lot)
    Krater foot 1, fineware. (saved to lot)
    Ray based kotyle rim 2 bs 1, fineware. (saved to lot)
    Kantharos Herakles knot handle 1, fineware. (saved to lot)
    Echinus bowl rim 2, fineware. (saved to lot)
    Bowl with bevelled rim rim 1, fineware. (saved to lot)
    Saucer rim 2, fineware. (saved to lot)
    Corinthian B handle 1 toe 1 rim 2, coarseware. (saved to lot)
    Lid rim 1, cooking ware. (saved to lot)
    Chytra rim 4, cooking ware. (saved to lot)
    Flanged Chytra rim 2, cooking ware. (saved to lot)
    Stamped amphora handle Knidian ? 1, coarseware. (saved to lot)
    Banded lekythos bs 1, fineware. (saved to lot)
    Attic kantharos base 1 bs 1, fineware. (saved to lot)
    Blister ware bs 4, fineware. (saved to lot)
    Small trefoil oinochoe rim 1, fineware. (saved to lot)
    Mortar rim 1, coarseware. (saved to lot)
    One handler cp 1, fineware. (saved to lot)
Pottery Summary:   127 frag(s) 0.61 kg. (100% saved) fineware
    314 frag(s) 9.32 kg. (100% saved) coarseware
    99 frag(s) 0.61 kg. (100% saved) cooking ware
Context Artifacts:   roof tile 10 (saved to lot)
    Chert red 1 L. 0.029 W. 0.019 Th. 0.012 (saved to lot)
    Bronze corroded lumps 2 (saved to lot)
    Mould fragment 1 (saved to lot)
    Fish vertabrae 1 (saved to lot)
    Bronze curved pin? 3 fragments max. L. 0.047 W. 0.008 Th. 0.002 (saved to lot)
    Iron strap fragment 2 (saved to lot)
    Iron slag 1 (saved to lot)
    Amphora handle stamped 1 (saved to lot)
    Antifix fragment 1 (saved to lot)
    Perirrhanterion base fragment 1 (saved to lot)
    Unidentified bone 21 (saved to lot)
    Shell cardia 1 unidentified 3 (saved to lot)
    Ovis phalange 1 (saved to lot)
    Iron corroded lumps 3 (saved to lot)
    Ceramic waster 3 (saved to lot)
    Murex 1 (saved to lot)
    Roof tile fragments 41, 6.41 kg
    Wall plaster white 2 red 1 (saved to lot)
    Iron nail fragments square shank 3 head 1 (saved to lot)
Period:   3rd c. B.C.
Chronology:   Mid 3rd c. B.C.
Grid:   411.93-410.11E/974.47-976.19N
XMin:   410.11
XMax:   411.93
YMin:   974.47
YMax:   976.19
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
Masl:   90.46-90.58m.
References:   Images (4)
Object: C 2007 34
Coin: 2007 14
Coin: 2007 20
Lot: Lot 2007 001
Notebook Page: NB 982, spread 88 (pp. 151 - 152)