Corinth Basket: Nezi Field Context 5692
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Basket
Name:   Nezi Field Context 5692
Area:   Nezi Field
Context Type:   Fill
Title:   Lens of fill on floor north of stairs, 2nd deposit
Category:   Deposit
Supervisor:   Jody Cundy; Megan Thompson
Notebook:   1101
Context:   5692
Page:   0
Date:   2008/05/29
Stratum:   30%: fine-large pebbles (sub-angular, sub-rounded, platy), pottery, bone
Description:   Top slope of the context is level. Soil color is light pinkish brown. Soil is Weakly cemented poorly sorted sandy silt.
Notes:   Deposit 5692 is yet another layer of fill on top of the floor. Its inclusions are similar to 5690 but it is more compact. The removal of 5692 has revealed in part the floor underneath at the east end of the courtyard. The ashy patch that was revealed by the removal of floor 5685 continues in 5692. The floor that has been revealed is more pebbly. After the removal of deposit 5692, the pebble floor which it covered has been completely revealed. It extends across most of the courtyard south of the drain and the cut for excavation of well #2. The concentration of pebbles varies across the surface in patches. With the view that these patches of peebles represent either repair patches for the courtyard surface or the preserved patches of a formerly continuous pebble surface that has been abraded in various places across the courtyard, the pebble patches will excavated individually.
Context Pottery:   ww, cooking ware. 5 bodysherds.
    Coarseware. 5 bodysherds.
    premedieval, fineware. 2 bodysherds.
Pottery Summary:   2 frag(s) 0.01 kg. (0% saved) fineware
    28 frag(s) 0.30 kg. (0% saved) coarseware
    24 frag(s) 0.12 kg. (0% saved) cooking ware
Context Artifacts:   bronze nail 0.041 (saved to lot)
    glass clear yellowish bs 1 bluish 1 yellow 1
Period:   Late Byzantine (1059-1210 AD)
Chronology:   late 10th 11th century npd
Grid:   271.91-270.67E/1031.22-1033.52N
XMin:   270.67
XMax:   271.91
YMin:   1031.22
YMax:   1033.52
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
Masl:   84.69-84.76m.
References:   Report: Nezi Field excavations 2008, by Jody Cundy and Megan Thompsen (April 7 - June 13)