Corinth Basket: South Stoa Context 346
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Basket
Name:   South Stoa Context 346
Area:   South Stoa
Context Type:   deposit
Title:   Clayey layer in center of room
Category:   Deposit
Supervisor:   Jiang, A.; Judson, C.
Notebook:   1110
Context:   346
Date:   2016/04/12
Lot:   Lot 2016-008
Stratum:   c.20% inclusion with small stones and gravel
Description:   Soil color is light greyish brown. Soil is Firm well sorted clayey sand.
Notes:   12/4/16
We begin removing the clay surface in the center of the room, starting in the middle and working northwards. The deposit is quite shallow (c.5cm) and lies on top of a much redder compact matrix. There is a relatively low concentration of pottery and a small amount of bone in the matrix. On the west, the deposit runs all the way up to cut 344. On the east, it extends to the edge of the scarp left by Broneer. In the NE area of the deposit, there is more of the greenish clay in the soil mixed in rather than in large chunks mostly. This is also the area where most of the coins are concentrated.
We remove the roof tile from the surface of NW corner of the context. Along the north wall, the floor surface appears to be eroded away/cut into--it dips down in elevation here, and the red pebbly material exposed by 342 is visible. Upon sweeping, there is a distinct line between the reddish material exposed and a browner material/matrix closer to the north wall. There are large roots running through this northern area.
Having reached the northern limits of the deposit, we start digging towards the south in order to follow the reddish surface out in this direction.
coin 2016-32 H 81.404, E 351.546, N 1090.255
coin 2016-33 H 81.40, E 351.48, N 1090.49
coin 2016-34 H 81.38, E 352.74, N 1090.30
coin 2016-35 H 81.38, E 352.32, N 1090.40
coin 2016-36 H 81.43, E 353.14, N 1090.49
coin 2016-37 H 81.35, E 353.01, N 1090.52
coin 2016-38 H 81.38, E 352.8, N 1091.02
coin 2016-40 H 81.39, E 352.91, N 1090.99
coin 2016-41 H 81.39, E 352.48, N 1089.42 (appears to be 2 coins fused?)
coins from sieve: 2016-31, 2016-39, 2016-42
We continue to excavate southwards across the center of the room. The consolidated surface uncovered by this deposit continues out across this area of the trench. It is more patchily red in this area than in the northern part of the room.
On the southern end of the space, 346 runs up to the face of the southern crosswall and lies directly on top of its slightly wider foundation course. NB: the foundation course only lies under the eastern two blocks of the top course and not under the block abutting the western wall, indicating a possibility of two phases of the wall's construction.
Upon final sweeping, 346 lies on top of multiple surfaces of slightly different levels and colors. The surface exposed today on the south (360) lies higher than the reddish surface (449) exposed yesterday (12/4/16). Between these compacted surfaces and the scarps to east and west lie other more pebbly deposits of slightly different colors (398).
NB: pottery + bone is collected for both days in same basket--1 lot dated 12/4/16 and nothing dated 13/4/16.
coin 2016-44 H 81.43, E 352.87, N 1088.64
coin 2016-45 H 81.43, E 352.79, N 1087.90
coin 2016-46 from sieve
coin 2016-47 H 81.43, E 352.88, N 1087.00
Context Pottery:   Fineware. 1 rim. 1 base. (saved to lot) articulated
    Fineware. 1 handle. (saved to lot) lid
    Fineware. 1 rim. (saved to lot) with rolled rim
    Rom- Thinwalled ware, fineware. 1 base. (saved to lot) concentric circles on the bottom
    ER, cooking ware. 1 rim. (saved to lot) flange
    Fineware. 1 rim. (saved to lot) bell, red figure
    Fineware. 1 bodysherd. (saved to lot)
    Coarseware. 1 handle. (saved to lot) corinthian A
    Fineware. 1 bodysherd. (saved to lot) mold made
    Fineware. 1 rim. (saved to lot)
    Fineware. 2 rims. (saved to lot) echinus
    Coarseware. 1 handle. stamped (inv. As C-2016-2)
    Rom- Thinwalled ware, fineware. 2 bodysherds. (saved to lot) dot barbotins
Pottery Summary:   168 frag(s) 0.48 kg. (100% saved) fineware
    224 frag(s) 1.56 kg. (100% saved) coarseware
    118 frag(s) 0.59 kg. (100% saved) cooking ware
Context Artifacts:   pumice 1 (saved to lot)
    beehive 1 (saved to lot)
    stone unidentified 2 (saved to lot)
    iron nail head (?) 1 (saved to lot)
    iron 2 (saved to lot)
    wall plaster white 1 (saved to lot)
    lead ? Lid 1 (saved to lot)
    bronze unidentified adhering to bowl sherd 1 (saved to lot)
    iron 1 unidentified (saved to lot)
    carbon 3 (saved to lot)
    wall plaster Hellenistic 1 (saved to lot)
    chert dark grey flake 1 (saved to lot)
    glass modern clear bs 1 (saved to lot)
    pan tile 1 (saved to lot)
    opion tile 1 (saved to lot)
    tiles painted 3 (saved to lot)
Period:   Early Roman (44BC-1/2 2nd c AD)
Chronology:   1st century A.D.
Grid:   354.30-350.70E/1086.65-1091.80N
XMin:   350.7
XMax:   354.3
YMin:   1086.65
YMax:   1091.8
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
Masl:   81.336-81.462m.
References:   Image: digital 2016 0138
Image: digital 2016 0154
Object: C 2016 2
Coins (16)
Lot: Lot 2016 008