Corinth Basket: South Stoa Context 59
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Basket
Name:   South Stoa Context 59
Area:   South Stoa
Context Type:   deposit
Title:   well fill, 13th deposit from the top
Category:   Deposit
Supervisor:   James, S.
Notebook:   1109
Context:   59
Date:   2015/05/19
Lot:   Lot 2015-087
Stratum:   5-10% tile and irregular medium to large pebble sized limestone pieces, little carbon, 5% pottery, some small bits of slag.
Description:   Top slope of the context is even. Soil color is light brownish brown. Soil is Soft poorly sorted sandy clay.
Notes:   This context was begun arbitrarily after 58. It has similar soil to 58 including a few pieces of yellow clay like in the previous contexts above, but there are more rocks and tiles and more pottery than in the ones above. We may have a real change in soil or are at least starting to get one. The presence of slag is new and supports that hypothesis. We are changing contexts arbitrarily after ca. 26 cm.
59 joins with 61 and also with 58
Context Pottery:   Fineware. 1 rim. (saved to lot)
    Fineware. 3 bodysherds. 1 base. (saved to lot)
    Coarseware. 1 handle. (saved to lot) unidentified
    delian, fineware. 1 rim. (saved to lot) brown glaze
    Fineware. 1 bodysherd. (saved to lot)
    roman, fineware. 1 base. (saved to lot)
    Fineware. 1 base. (saved to lot) brown fabric
    Cooking ware. 1 base. (saved to lot)
    greyware, fineware. 1 bodysherd. (saved to lot)
    Coarseware. 2 rims. 1 bodysherd. (saved to lot)
    Corinthian A Prime, coarseware. 18 bodysherds. (saved to lot)
    delian, fineware. 3 rims. 19 bodysherds. (saved to lot) red glaze
    Cooking ware. 1 rim. (saved to lot) flange
    greyware, fineware. 2 bases. (saved to lot)
    Fineware. 2 rims. (saved to lot)
    archaic, fineware. 3 bodysherds. (saved to lot)
    Fineware. 3 bodysherds. (saved to lot) imitation Cypriot fabric
    prehistoric, fineware. 2 bodysherds. (saved to lot)
    Fineware. 3 rims. 4 bodysherds. (saved to lot)
    Cooking ware. 6 bodysherds. (saved to lot) LH/ER fabric
    Cooking ware. 1 rim. (saved to lot)
    ESA?, fineware. 1 bodysherd. (saved to lot)
    Fineware. 2 bodysherds. (saved to lot) fishplate
    Corinthian B, coarseware. 2 bodysherds. (saved to lot)
    Knidian, coarseware. 1 bodysherd. (saved to lot)
    Italian?, coarseware. 1 bodysherd. (saved to lot)
Pottery Summary:   166 frag(s) 0.49 kg. (94% saved) fineware
    62 frag(s) 1.00 kg. (77% saved) coarseware
    83 frag(s) 0.33 kg. (88% saved) cooking ware
Context Artifacts:   lead mending strip 1 (saved to lot)
    pithos, archaic-classical, pink and grey fabric, bs 15 (saved to lot)
    metal slag, 5 (saved to lot)
    iron, nail, 4 (saved to lot)
    pan tile, 2 (saved to lot)
    shell, land snail, 2 (saved to lot)
    pithos, archaic-classical, pick and grey fabtic, bs 2 (saved to lot)
    iron strip, 1 (saved to lot)
    wall plaster red 1 (saved to lot)
    bone, unidentified, 32, 0.042kg (saved to lot)
    mudbrick, 1 (saved to lot)
    iron, lump, 3 (saved to lot)
    lamp, type X, rim 1 (saved to lot)
    tile, red painted, 2 (saved to lot)
    shell, flesheater, 1 (saved to lot)
    wall plaster yellow 2 (saved to lot)
    hellenistic lamp, nozzle 1 (saved to lot)
Period:   Early Roman (44BC-1/2 2nd c AD)
Chronology:   1st c. AD
Grid:   327.80-327.10E/1085.25-1086.05N
XMin:   327.1
XMax:   327.8
YMin:   1085.25
YMax:   1086.05
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
Masl:   77.74-78.01m.
References:   Image: digital 2015 1049
Image: digital 2015 1050
Object: C 2015 54
Object: C 2015 55
Lot: Lot 2015 087