Corinth Basket: South Stoa Context 87
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Basket
Name:   South Stoa Context 87
Area:   South Stoa
Context Type:   deposit
Title:   Surface in SE quadrant
Category:   Deposit
Supervisor:   James, S.
Notebook:   1109
Context:   87
Date:   2015/05/23
Lot:   Lot 2015-055
Stratum:   30% cobbles, 20% coarse pebbles
Description:   Top slope of the context is slight down to the NW. Soil color is light reddish brown. Soil is Compact poorly sorted silty sand.
Notes:   Redder than 81
This context was opened to delineate a clear distinction between this surface and the blacker soil that slopes into the N-S cut (context 86). This context is clearly redder than the sloping cut and 86. We will maintain the martyr along the bench (context 17) on the south side and the robbing trench on the east side. This context is bounded by the robbing trench along the E-W to its north. Note: it does not feature a sloping cut like that found on its west boundary. A coin was found (bronze) along with a bronze ring at el. 81.34.
We remove this reddish soil to bedrock throughout most of the SE quadrant leaving a martyr along the north edge just to keep a boundary with the Roman robbing trench to the north. This was done after a small portion next to the robbing trench but on top of the bedrock was removed. A coin was found at el. 81.35.
The reddish tint to the soil comes from small chunks of bedrock. This is especially apparent in the SE corner. In roughly the center of the context is one large and one smaller circular cut into the bedrock. I wonder given their shape and position whether they are abandoned attempts to dig wells. This context is clearly later than the soil into which the foundation trench (86) was cut as it is laid up against it and has a clearly visible cut. We continue to come down onto bedrock in most areas. A coin was found at the bottom of the context el. 81.30.
In the SE corner there are two oval cuts that continue into the maryrs that are left along the east and south sides. These contain a similar brown pebbly soil with flects of carbon. They are both cut into the bedrock.
Context Pottery:   Rom- ESB, fineware. 1 bodysherd. (saved to lot)
    archaic, fineware. 1 rim. (saved to lot)
    Rom- Ital. sig., fineware. 1 bodysherd. (saved to lot)
    archaic, fineware. 1 base. (saved to lot)
    Roman, cooking ware. 1 base. (saved to lot)
    amphoras- rhodian, coarseware. 1 rim. (saved to lot)
    Fineware. 2 rims. (saved to lot) west slope, incised running ivy
    prehistoric, fineware. 1 rim. 1 base. (saved to lot)
Pottery Summary:   162 frag(s) 0.50 kg. (100% saved) fineware
    113 frag(s) 1.30 kg. (100% saved) coarseware
    88 frag(s) 0.40 kg. (100% saved) cooking ware
Context Artifacts:   lamp, type 10, shoulder 1 (saved to lot)
    iron, nail, 1 (saved to lot)
    bronze ring 1 (saved to lot)
    marble revetment, white, 1 (saved to lot)
    iron strip 1 (saved to lot)
    bone, unid 40, fish vertebra 1 (saved to lot)
    shell, land snail 3 (saved to lot)
    iron, nail head, 2 (saved to lot)
    plaster, red pigment, 1 (saved to lot)
    plaster, white pigment, 1 (saved to lot)
    Shell, cardia 2 (saved to lot)
    glass, clear orange, 1 (saved to lot)
    shell, flesh eater 5 (saved to lot)
Period:   Early Roman (44BC-1/2 2nd c AD)
Chronology:   1/2 1st c. AD
Grid:   331.20-326.80E/1079.40-1083.15N
XMin:   326.8
XMax:   331.2
YMin:   1079.4
YMax:   1083.15
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
Masl:   81.3-81.41m.
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Lot: Lot 2015 055