Corinth Basket: Temple E, Southeast Context 560
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Basket
Name:   Temple E, Southeast Context 560
Area:   Temple E, Southeast
Title:   Inhumation in farthest E Grave N of Robbing Trench
Category:   Deposit
Supervisor:   Brendle, R.
Notebook:   1108
Context:   560
Date:   2014/06/20
Notes:   No artifacts associated with burial. The individual was placed in an extended supine position in a single cut with arms crossed over chest (left over right). The left foot was the first to be discovered because it crossed over the right foot (found at an elevation of 84.59). The body was positioned with two large rocks palced over each shoulder (top of humerus and scapulae), cradling the cranium. A small tile to the right of the skull and bottom of one of the rocks was also used. A large tile was placed over the face, essentially boxing in the head prior to burial (measurements in context 539). No later disturbances observed, and no bones were borken prior to excavation. Hands were largely post-depositionally disarticularted within the ribcage, due to positioning.
Period:   Frankish (1210-1458 AD)
Chronology:   Mid-3rd quarter 13th Century
Grid:   129.20-127.85E/1076.00-1076.45N
XMin:   127.85
XMax:   129.2
YMin:   1076
YMax:   1076.45
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
Masl:   84.5-84.66m.