Corinth Basket: Temple E, Southeast Context 652
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Basket
Name:   Temple E, Southeast Context 652
Area:   Temple E, Southeast
Title:   Ashy Deposit
Category:   Deposit
Supervisor:   Smotherman, D.; Brannelly, T.
Notebook:   1109
Context:   652
Date:   2015/05/04
Lot:   Lot 2015-007
Stratum:   40% with large tiles, bones, pebbles (medium and coarse), mostly sub-rounded and tabular.
Description:   Soil color is dark brownish grey. Soil is Soft poorly sorted silty clay.
Notes:   The ashy layer extended throughout the most of the southern half of the room. It was cut by the pit Context 668/Cut 670. The layer seems to have covered an earthern surface in this area, which has not yet been excavated but may be seen in other anreas of the room as well. The ashy deposit was relatively evenly spread and may have been leveled after deposition. The deposit may have been used for leveling or could represent a period when the use of the space changed. 6 coins were recovered from the seive during the two days (4th-5th) that this context was excavated.
Coins from sieve: 56 (Byz., possibly Alexis I), 57 (not a coin), 62 (Ville, CORINTI), 63 (Ville, CORINTI), 64 (not a coin), 65 (Byz., Manuel I)
Photo: 536, 537
02/06/2015 (L Kennedy):
Animal bones: oyster, murex, limpet + Sus, sheep/goat, bovid, fragmentary and mixed, 2.59 kg, not saved Lot.
Context Pottery:   mid Frankish and earlier, fineware. 190 bodysherds. (saved to lot)
    Cooking ware.
    folded rim, cooking ware. 1 rim.
    late painted sgraffito, fineware. 2 rims. 7 bodysherds. (saved to lot)
    late sgraffito, slipped style VII (1250-1300), fineware. 2 rims. 9 bodysherds. (saved to lot)
    plain green glazed, fineware. 1 handle. (saved to lot) very glossy glaze
    matt painted, coarseware. 5 rims. 36 bodysherds. (saved to lot)
    blue frit, fineware. 2 bodysherds. (saved to lot)
    slipped and glazed painted, fineware. 6 bodysherds. 1 base. (saved to lot)
    pre-Medieval, fineware. 10 bodysherds.
    pre-Roman, fineware. 9 bodysherds.
    protomaiolica, slipped (1260-1325), fineware. 4 rims. 5 bodysherds. 1 base. (saved to lot)
    late painted sgraffito, fineware. 4 rims. (saved to lot)
Pottery Summary:   253 frag(s) 1.75 kg. (17% saved) fineware
    1120 frag(s) 6.06 kg. (0% saved) coarseware
    113 frag(s) 0.61 kg. (1% saved) cooking ware
Context Artifacts:   metatarsal of horse (saved to lot)
    bronze curved strip
    iron nail square shaft 2 complete, 5 head with partial square shaft, 4 square shafts, head and round shaft 3, 4 round shafts
    charcoal 4 pieces
    glass clear colorless bs 10, rim 1, base 1 (punted beaker as MF-14171), green rim 2, bs 2, purple bs 1 (saved to lot)
    shell 8
    bronze crochet hook (spindle hook like MF 5808)
    iron point 1
    bronze disk pierced (previously coin 57)
    iron scraps 27
    bronze scrap (formerly Coin 64)
Period:   Frankish (1210-1458 AD)
Chronology:   late 13th century
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
Masl:   84.81-84.99m.
References:   Image: digital 2015 0536
Image: digital 2015 0537
Object: MF 2015 32
Coins (6)
Lot: Lot 2015 007