Corinth Monument: Gonia
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Monument
Name:   Gonia
Description:   Plateau, 350x250m or 160x410m, 2km north of Examilia. Blegen excavated 23 trenches here for 18 days in August 1916. Houses of all periods of the BA were located. There were no Neolithic architectural remains, however. Numerous EH bothroi were excavated. Seven MH shaft and cist graves of children and adults were investigated underneath the floor of houses in the central part of the site. Pottery, LN, EH I-III, MH, and scanty Early Mycenaean compared to late Mycenaean. No pottery dated to LH IIIC was included in the materials from Blegen's investigations according to Jerry Rutter.
The Greek Archaeological Service excavated on the hill in 2003, at the Iakovou plot. The surface pottery was LH IIA to LH IIIB1.
Site:   Gonia
City:   Hexamilia
Country:   Greece
References:   Publication: Rutter, The late Helladic IIIB and IIIC ..., 1974
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