Corinth Monument: Temple E, Southeast
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Monument
Name:   Temple E, Southeast
Description:   The central focus of the Frankish area consists of a large open court with a colonnade of reused Roman columns. It is on a scale similar to what had once been considered the “Market Place” of the medieval city. This second large open area suggests that the assumption that the “Market Place” was the medieval functional successor to the Roman forum is perhaps an error. Instead of a medieval city laid out in the western European style with a single central place, Corinth followed a more Mediterranean plan with multiple plateias each acting as a focus of ecclesiastical and economic activity. If this is the case, then the excavated area is not the center of the medieval city but probably a part of the periphery.
To the north of the plaza is a simple, small church with a cloister on its north side. This is plausibly a monastic church. In a later phase it was also used as a cemetery church with the large majority of the interments located in a small room to the west of the narthex. The burials show a wide range of fascinating, often lethal pathologies such as evidence for trepanning, bone cancers, death caused by complications during childbirth and several individuals who suffered from Brucellosis (Meleteos). The monastery may well have had responsibilities for the care and treatment of the sick, old and infirm as well as women in labor.
To the east of the Plaza is a complex with a large central court approached from the plaza by a narrow alley.
Site:   Corinth
City:   Ancient Corinth
Country:   Greece
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