Corinth Notebook: 16d
Collection:   Corinth
Type:   Notebook
Name:   16d
Title:   Corinth 1902
Area:   Sacred Spring|South Stoa|North Shops
Date:   26/05/1902 - 14/08/1902
Supervisor:   Hill, B.H.
Description:   Corinth 1902 (A) North of ... wall --N of shop II West : S Stoa and S shops E of end and S Stoa, back of shops I & II South : E of martyra II 3 West of Martyra II 3 Inscriptions (B) Notes for plans : N shops, E bldg, E Stoa, etc S Stoa, S end of E Stoa etc Region of Martyra II 3 E of Old spring ; Old spring and W of it ; Hydragogeion
Notes:   Microfilmed 1968
Site:   Ancient Corinth
City:   Corinth
Country:   Greece
References:   Notebook Pages (58)