Corinth Publication: Ziskowski, The Construction of Corinthian ... 2011
Collection:   Corinth
Name:   Ziskowski, The Construction of Corinthian ... 2011
Title:   The Construction of Corinthian Identity in the Early Iron Age and Archaic Period
Author:   Ziskowski, Angela
Date:   2011
Abstract:   My work on this topic focused on whether or not archaeological remains and literary testimonia from the city and region of Corinth could provide evidence for the construction of civic and cultural identity. My study considered the topography and resources of the region, production practices, ceramic and epigraphic remains, iconography, as well as cultic institutions to allow the question of identity construction to be considered from many angles. Through this synthetic approach, I tried to offer a fuller, more comprehensive understanding of how the early city of Corinth created its own civic identity and successfully differentiated itself from neighboring regions.