Gennadius Catalog: BB 768 Vol. 13
Collection:   Gennadius
Type:   Catalog
Name:   BB 768 Vol. 13
Title:   War of Independence, Greece, 1833-1910
Description:   Vol. 13/1. A bibliography of the Greek War of Independence and of the events preceding and leading up to it from the last quarter of the XVIII century to the establishment of the Greek Kingdom. Being a subject catalog of books, pamphlets, manuscripts, illustrations, maps, etc. now in the Library of the H. E. Joann. Gennadius G.C.V.O., D.C.L., LLD. Honorary Greek envoy extraordinary and Minister plenipotentiary. Issued on the occasion of the centenary of the outbreak of the Greek Revolution, March 25/7 April, 1821-1921.
Vol. 13/2. Catalog of 1116 pamphlets in Greek and other languages dealing generally with the affairs of the Kingdom of Greece, 1833-1910, bound in 84 volumes, contained in the Gennadius Library.
References:   Catalog Spreads (332)