Gennadius Catalog: BB 768 Vol. 5
Collection:   Gennadius
Type:   Catalog
Name:   BB 768 Vol. 5
Title:   History, Art, Engravings, Etc.
Description:   Vol. 5/1. Catalog of the principal historians of Greece (ancient, mediaeval, and modern), the Levant, and England, together with their other works, forming series that exist in the Gennadius Library.
Vol. 5/2. Catalog of some of the principal works on archaeology and the fine arts in the Gennadius Library.
Vol. 5/3. Catalog of the autograph letters, documents on parchement, and old broad sheets in the Gennadius Library.
Vol. 5/4. Catalog of the collections of engravings, the encyclopedia and historical series, and specimens of newspapers in the Gennadius Library.
References:   Catalog Spreads (294)