Gennadius Catalog: BB 768 Vol. 6
Collection:   Gennadius
Type:   Catalog
Name:   BB 768 Vol. 6
Title:   Greek Literature, Grammars
Description:   Vol. 6/1. Catalog of grammars and similar works on ancient and modern Greek, grammars of other languages by Greeks, and a collection of lexica, mostly Greek.
Vol. 6/2. Catalog of works on pronunciation generally but mainly of the Greek language, forming a section of the Gennadius Library.
Vol. 6/3. Catalog of Modern Greek literature (mainly before 1840) in the Gennadius Library (nos. 1-440).
Vol. 6/4. Addendum of the catalog of Modern Greek literature in the Gennadius Library. Three supplementary sections.
References:   Catalog Spreads (344)