McPhee & Trendall, Six Corinthian Red-Figure Vase... 1986Six Corinthian Red-Figure Vases1986  
 Α 176Region of Dörpfeld's Stoa Basileios; Clearing Foundation of Dörpfeld's Stoa Basileios3 Feb 1932Red Figure 
 Η' 426Against South Peribolos Wall; East of Late Roman Wall; Ground Trench Southwest of Peribolos2 Aug 1946Late Red Figure 
 Α 175Region of Dörpfeld's Stoa Basileios; Clearing Porch of Dörpfeld's Stoa Basileios11 Feb 1932Black Glaze-Red Figure 
 Α 177Region of Dörpfeld's Stoa Basileios; Small Rectangular Building North of Dörpfeld's Stoa Basileios; From Undisturbed Earth along South Side of South Foundation10 Feb 1932Black Glaze-Red Figure 
 Α 151Region of Hellenistic Building; Stoa Annex; Trial Pit at 34/Κ; Along South Side of North Wall of Late Building; Between Marble Chips and Top of Breccia Blocks11 Mar 1932Black Glaze-Red Figure 
Α-6-58 (pp. 1086-1087)Cave; Lowest Red Deposit
Cave; Upper Filling
Lucy Talcott, Barbara Philippaki et al., Small objects from the Pnyx II, Hesperia Supplement 10, 1956.
24 Feb 1932
Black Glaze
Red Figure
 Ζ 751From Various Places1 Jan-31 Dec 1933Black Figure - Red Figure