[Agora Publication Page] Agora 29.1, s. 28, p. xxviii

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[Corinth Basket] NB972 B1 P10

Basket/zembil 972 1 10 Lot 2005-006 Fill of well, reddish-brown sandy/silty clay, 10-15% pebbles, loose. B1 is the continuation of the fill from well 2002-2, an arbitrary 50 cm. of fill, of the same soil ... 3rd c. with a lot of archaic ... lot) .; Fineware. A red figure krater bs 1 (saved to

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Monographs Excavations in the civic and cultural center of classical Athens began in 1931 and have continued almost without interruption to the present day. The first Athenian Agora volumes presenting ... Red-Figured and White-Ground ... the inventoried red-figure ... Attic red figure have been