[Agora Object] P 17154: Red Figure Lekythos

Mouth and part of handle broken away. On wall, a woman's head to right, facing a scroll. Four other lekythoi of same shape and size were found in same place; almost complete; one with a red figure palmette, ... 10 July 1946 ... Red Figure Lekythos


[Agora Object] P 10017: Red Figure Askos

Strainer top, depressed; flat bottom; the ring handle missing, and fragments of side and bottom. Restored in plaster. At right angles to the handle, a spout in the shape of a lion's head, the lion's body ... 22 April 1937 ... Red Figure Askos

[Agora Object] P 13448: Red Figure Skyphos

Walls fragmentary; part of one side and most of the other, with part of one handle, missing. Restored in plaster. Red figure decoration: A) Two figures, standing facing, but looking towards each other ... 7 June 1938 ... Red Figure Skyphos

[Agora Object] AP 2446: Red Figure Sherd

Fragment of red figure cup; drapery? Carl Roebuck, Nb. No. 8. Well E, 1.95-3.00m. 447 ... 21 May 1938 ... Red Figure Sherd


[Agora Object] P 27380: Red Figure Lekythos

Squat body. Mouth, handle and fragment of wall and base missing. On wall a dotted feline, couchant, to right. Stoa cross cut, piers 1 and 2, south aisle, layer II. 1924 Leica ... July 1965 ... Red Figure Lekythos


[Agora Object] P 15076: Red Figure Lekythos

Neck and handle broken off. Low rounded body on ring foot. On the front, a sphinx, seated left, one forepaw raised; reserved ground line. No relief contour. Excellent black glaze; underside reserved ... 8 May 1939 ... Red Figure Lekythos


[Agora Object] P 12541: Red Figure Bowl

Large fragment missing from floor, and chips from the lip. Shallow open bowl on low ring foot; convex wall and plain lip. On the floor, with a reserved circle, nude youth running right, looking back left; ... 3 May 1938 ... Red Figured And White Ground | Bowls


[Agora Object] P 22398: Red Figure Lekythos

Mended from two pieces; the neck and handle missing, and a chip from the front. Very small squat lekythos on ring foot; on the front, a dolphin, right. No relief contour. The underside reserved and washed ... 5 June 1952 ... Red Figure Lekythos