[Corinth Coin] T 1930 24: Greek Imperial/Roman Provincial Copper/Bronze Coin of Julia Domna, Sicyon Mint (AD 193 - AD 217)

Sicyon ... Julia Domna ... AE IOVLI]ADOMNACE[BAC]T Bust of Empress facing r.; draped CIKY - WNIW[N] Perseus on column with Ionic capital; holding Gorgoneion and spear Letters Theater Hoard; Behind stage; at foot of wall of court, ... AD 193 - AD 217


[Corinth Coin] T 1930 32: Byzantine Copper/Bronze Follis of Constantine VII, Constantinople Mint (AD 945 - AD 950)

Constantinople ... Constantine VII ... AE [+COnST'bA SIL'ROM'] Bust, facing, bearded, crown [w. cross]; holds [akakia in r.hand], gl.-cr in l.hand. [+]COn[ST']/EnVEO[bA]/SILEVS[R]/OMEO[n] Four-line inscription, pellet in center. Cheliotomylos, ... AD 945 - AD 950

[Corinth Coin] T 1931 13: Greek Imperial/Roman Provincial Copper/Bronze Coin of Septimius Severus, Corinth Mint (AD 193 - AD 211)

Corinth ... Septimius Severus ... AE LSEPTS - [ Bust of Emperor facing r.; wearing laureate CLI CO[ in exergue Nike (?) with long whip driving biga r. Letters Tseliolophos Trench A; Section II; Roman Chamber Tomb II; NW corner of outer ... AD 193 - AD 211


[Corinth Coin] T 1931 15: Greek Copper/Bronze Coin, Corinth Mint (300 BC - 243 BC)

Corinth ... AE Head of Apollo r., laureate Statue of Zeus facing r., holding long filleted spear; torch (?) to left torch (?) Tseliolophos Trench A; Section III; 18-i; Depth 0.60 Excavation date: 3/26/1931 Notebook ... 300 BC - 243 BC


[Corinth Coin] T 1931 40: Roman Imperial Copper/Bronze Ae 3 of Arcadius, Thessalonika Mint (AD 383 - AD 392)

Thessalonika ... Arcadius ... AE DN ARCADIVS PF AVG Emperor bust l., draped, pearl-diademed, cuirassed, holding mappa and scepter GLORIA REI-PVBLICE Camp gate, two towers, door; in field above, staurogram; in exergue, TES Rev.: in ... AD 383 - AD 392


[Corinth Coin] T 1931 41: Greek Imperial/Roman Provincial Copper/Bronze Coin, Athens Mint (27 BC)

Athens ... AE Head of Theseus facing r.; bare-headed; club behind neck AUH Bunch of grapes Letters Tseliolophos; Grave XVIII tomb II Excavation date: 3/26/1931 Notebook 555 p.54, . Study Collection. Data Entry Funded ... 27 BC

[Corinth Coin] T 1931 42: Greek Imperial/Roman Provincial Copper/Bronze Coin of Septimius Severus, Corinth Mint (AD 193 - AD 211)

Corinth ... Septimius Severus ... AE SEPSVEPS LSE-- Head of Emperor facing r.;wearing laureate CLI - COR Scylla fountain with dog protome and basin/urn facing r.; with arches, statues above, and steps below Letters Tseliolophos; Across ... AD 193 - AD 211


[Corinth Coin] T 1931 43: Greek Copper/Bronze Coin, Pellene Mint (370 BC - 280 BC)

Pellene ... AE Head of Apollo facing r.; wearing laureate PE and ram's head in wreath Tseliolophos; Trench A; Section III; 18-O; Depth 0.80 Excavation date: 3/24/1931 Notebook 555 p.43, . Study Collection. Data Entry ... 370 BC - 280 BC


[Corinth Coin] T 1931 44: Greek Copper/Bronze Coin of Hadrian, Argos Mint (AD 117 - AD 138)

Argos ... Hadrian ... AE ]ERTAVG Bust of Hadrian facing r.; wearing laureate and cuirass ARG - EIVN Poseidon standing r.; left foot on stone; trident in right hand Letters Tseliolophos Chamber Tomb IV; Grave XXIII; Trench ... AD 117 - AD 138


[Agora Coin] ΒΓ'-875

Athens ... Sv. 22.44--46. [θ-E] Head of Athena r., wearing Attic helmet. Θ/A/E Double-bodied owl stg.; in each upper corner, olive spray. 85-17-6 ... ca. early or mid-330's--322/317 B.C.

[Agora Coin] Θ-69

Corinth ... Kroll says Θ-69 but this is wrong. WRONG SECTION NO.!!!! C. Heius Pamphilus, Q. Caecilius Niger. Amandry, pp. 137--138, no. VIc; RPC I, 1128. [inscriptions effaced] [CORI] Head of Aphrodite r. Q CAECIL-NIGR/[C ... 34-31 B.C.