[Agora Deposit] U 26:5: Well 22 in ΟΑ

Well 22: Neolithic ... Neolithic


[Agora Deposit] U-V 19:1: Well South of Soft Yellow Poros Foundation

Well South of Soft Yellow Poros Foundation. Dumped filling of a collapsed well, that, due to hazardous conditions, could not be cleared below- 2.50m. The well was partly cut on the east side by a Byzantine ... Protogeometric-Early Geometric II, ca. 850 B.C.

[Agora Deposit] V 23:1: Archaic Well G in OA

Well G: Archaic (lower fill) on the northwest slope of the Acropolis. Diameter top to bottom ca 1.0. Coins 22 April 1937 #1-#2 Top fill, to 3.50m; dark Age: nothing catalogued ... 500 - 490 B.C.

[Agora Deposit] V 24:1: Mycenaean Well in OA

Well 15: Mycenaean. It was situated about 35 meters down the slope northwest of the exit of the Mycenaean Fountain. Well circular or roughly oval in section. Diameter max. width to -4.0: ca. 1.50, below ... Late Mycenaean

[Agora Deposit] V 24:2: Archaic Well in OA

Well 2: archaic. Diameter, top ca. 1.00; bottom ca. 0.90m. Water level:ca -7.00m In the use filling, along with the plain water pots was a black-figured neck amphora assigned to the Edinburgh painter ... Last quarter of the 6th c. B.C.