A 8-9:1Hephaisteion Garden Fill11 June 1954Second half of 4th c. B.C. 
A 12:1Roman Cellar27 March-22 April 1936  
 A 12:1.1Layer 2 Hellenistic 3rd c. 
 A 12:1.2Layer 4 B.C.-A.D.: pre-Herulian 
A 14:1Early Roman Well9 June 1936 9-23 April 1937Early Roman; use fillings of 2nd. c. B.C. and 1st. and 4th. c. A.D.; dumped filling of late 4th. c. (HSR) Fill I: 2nd. c. B.C. Fill II-V: to second half of 4th. c. A.D. Fill VI: mixed to Byzantine. 
 A 14:1.1Fill I 2nd. c. B.C. POU 
 A 14:1.2Fill II Second half of 1st. c. A.D. POU 
 A 14:1.3Fills III, IV, V To second half of 4th. c. A.D. 
 A 14:1.4Fill VI   
A 14:2Cistern in ΠΘ10 June 1936 22 April-6 May 19371st. c. B.C. to post-Herulian 
 A 14:2.1Upper Fill (post-Herulian) not shelved as group post-Herulian 
 A 14:2.2Bottom and Middle Fills: First Century B.C. - First Century A.D. 1st. c. B.C.-1st. c. A.D. 
 A 14:2.3  1st. c. B.C.-1st. c. A.D. 
A 16:1Bronze Casting Pit and Workshop21 April-May 1956Ca. 350-325 B.C. 
A 16:2Cistern Channel FillApril 19561st. c. A.D. 
A 16:3WellMay 1956Prehistoric-Roman 
A 16:4Cistern in ΠΠ30 April-1 May 1956Ca. 150 B.C. 
 A 16:4.1Upper Filling and Dump   
 A 16:4.2Lower filling To ca. 140 B.C. 
A 17:1Well on Lower Slope of Hill of the Nymphs25 June-8 July 1947Second quarter of 6th. c. B.C. 
 A 17:1.1Upper fill (fill 1), dumped filling   
 A 17:1.2Bottom fill (fill 3), use filling   
A 17:2Well in Industrial Area of Areopagus12-25 July 1947Second quarter 6th. c. 
 A 17:2.1Pit above well   
 A 17:2.2POU   
A 17:3Pit2-7 April 19564th-3rd c. B.C. 
A 18:1Cistern Between Areopagus and Hill of the Nymphs25-30 April 1947  
 A 18:1.1Fill 1   
 A 18:1.2Fill 2   
 A 18:1.3Fill 3 2nd. c. B.C. 
 A 18:2Cremation in NN10 June 1947Beginning of the last quarter of the 6th century 
A 18:3Sacrificial Pyre in NN22 April 1939First half 4th. c. B.C. 
A 18:4Mycenaean Pit Grave West of House N13-15 April 1948Myc. III C:1 
 A 18:5Well and packing behind tiles3 May-16 June 19392nd-3rd c. A.D. 
 A 18:6Pit13-17 June 1947Late 4th.-early 3rd. c. 
 A 18:7Pit/Drain A27 March-5 April 1939Mixed Hellenistic to Roman. 
 A 18:8Tiled shaft and pit13-14 May 1940Early 3rd. c. B.C. 
A 18:9Sacrificial Pyre over Drain A113 May 1940First half of 4th. c. B.c. 
A 18-19:1Ostrakon AreaApril-June 1947 21-25 October 1949Ca. 500-450 B.C. 
A 19:1Sacrificial Pyre in House N29 April-15 September 1947First quarter of the 4th c. B.C. 
 A 19:2Well k20-24 May 1940Protogeometric 
 A 19:3Pit3 May 1940 25 May 1940350-300 B.C. 
 A 19:4Pit3 May 1940350-300 B.C. 
 A 19:5Pit2 May 1940325-300 B.C. 
 A 19:6Pit27 April 1940Ca. 325-300 B.C. 
 A 20:2Sacrificial Pyre   
A 20:3Pyre2-3 May 1940Third quarter of the 4th. century. 
A 20:4Pyre31 July 1946425-400 B.C. 
 A 20:5Protogeometric Pit-Well13 May 1940 11-19 July 1946Protogeometric 
 A 20:6House fillings6-8 July 1946 23-24 July 1946 March 1948Second half of the 5th. c. B.C. 
 A 20:7Refuse Pit21 May 1940Ca. 450-400 B.C. 
 A 20:8    
 A 20:9Fillings14-29 April 19483rd c. B.C. and earlier 
 A 20:10Infant burial(?)20 May 1940Late 6th. c. B.C. 
 A 20-21:1Drain cutting16 May 1939 June 1939 3-11 July 1946Ca. 425-395 B.C. 
 A 21:1Shaft with cavesMay-June 1939 24 April 1940 July-August 19462nd. quarter - mid-5th. c. A.D. 
A-B 18:1Mycenaean Chamber Tomb6 January 1947 May-June 19472nd half of 14th c. 
 A-B 19-20:1Great Drain SouthMay-June 1939 April-May 1947 July 19474th. c.-86 B.C. 
 A-B 19-20:2Great Drain South in Southern Part of the Area West of the AreopagusJuly-August 1946Late 6th. c. B.C.-1st. c. A.D. 
 A-B 21-22:1Terrace fillings18-24 May 1940Ca. 420-390 B.C. 
B 10:1Infant Pot Inhumation9 March 1936LPG 
B 10:2Pit Tomb, Adult Inhumation12 March 1936LH IIIC/EPG (date uncertain) 
 B 10:3Channel Mouth 513-14 March 1936  
 B 11:1Channel Mouth 613-16 March 1936Late 2nd.-1st. c. B.C. 
 B 11:2Square Pit13 March 19361st. qtr. 4th. c. B.C. 
 B 12:1Well on South Slope of Kolonos Agoraios23 March-20 May 1936 5-16 May 193750 B.C-3rd c. A.D. 
 B 12:1.1Dump 4th. c. A.D. 
 B 12:1.2Well at 59/ME 1st.-3rd. c. A.D. 
 B 12:1.3POU Second half of 1st. c. B.C.-first half of 1st. c. A.D. POU 
 B 12:2Drawshaft1-8 June 19363rd. c. 
 B 12:3Rectangular Pit27-28 March 19364th c. B.C. and earlier 
 B 12:4Pit1-2 April 1936Ca. 430-415 B.C. 
 B 12:5Well8 April-16 May 1936Ca. 380-350 B.C. 
 B 12:6Footing trench2-6 April 1936450-400 B.C. 
 B 13:1Chamber Cistern1-8 June 19363rd. c. B.C.-1st. c. A.D. 
 B 13:1.1Upper Fill 1st c. A.D.1-3 June 19361st. c. A.D. 
 B 13:1.2Lower fill3-6 June 19363rd. c. B.C. 
 B 13:2Well29 May-13 June 1936 5-25 May 1937Late 1st. c.-4th. c. A.D. (and 5th c. A.D.?) 
 B 13:2.1Upper fill 4th. c. B.C. 
 B 13:2.2Lower fill20-25 May 1937Late 1st. c.-earliest 3rd. c. A.D. 
 B 13:3Drawshaft1-8 June 1937Late 3rd. c. 
 B 13:4Cistern and Draw Shaft3 April -1 June 1936Ca. 320-340 A.D. 
 B 13:5Well1 June 1936 19-27 April 1937Ca. 425-400 B.C. 
 B 13:6Well17 April-5 June 1936Ca. 425-400 B.C. 
 B 13:7Well on South Slope of Kolonos Agoraios20 May 1936-20 May 19373rd. c. B.C.-3rd. c. A.D. 
 B 13:7.1Dump 3rd. c. A.D. 
 B 13:7.2Well deposit 2nd. c. A.D. 
 B 13:7.3Dump 1st. c. A.D. 
 B 13:7.4Dump 2nd.-1st. c. B.C. 
 B 13:7.5Bottom fill 3rd. c. B.C. 
 B 13:8Well South of Kolonos Agoraios4 June 1936 March-May 1937Ca. 325-260 B.C. 
 B 13:8.1Dump Ca. 250-225 B.C. 
 B 13:8.2POU Well Deposit Ca. 325-260 B.C. 
 B 14:1Well29 May 1936 30 March-15 May 19371st.-3rd. c. A.D. 
 B 14:1.1Dump 5th. c. 
 B 14:1.2Upper well deposit 3rd. c. 
 B 14:1.3Lower well deposit 2nd. c. 
 B 14:2Well on South Slope of Kolonos Agoraios12 June 1936 23 April 19371st.-4th c. A.D. 
 B 14:2.1Dumped fill 4th. c. A.D. 
 B 14:2.2POU to bottom Late 1st.-late 2nd. c. A.D.