[Corinth Monument] Kraneion Basilica

The Kraneion Basilica resembles the Lechaion Basilica but at a much smaller scale. It lacks an atrium but does have a baptistery on its north side. It is a cemetery church with ample evidence of vaulted ...


[Agora Monument] Late Roman Building

Unknown Unknown Concrete, Rubble Fair, lower parts of walls ... 5th A.D.


[Agora Monument] Late Roman Complex

Administrative Unknown Concrete Rubble, Limestone, Marble Good, foundations and walls up to one meter high ... 5th A.D.


[Agora Monument] Late Roman House

Domestic Unknown Concrete Rubble, Marble Excellent, walls up to two meters high ... 4th to 6th A.D.


[Agora Monument] Late Roman Round Building

Unknown Unknown Concrete Poor, foundations only ... 5th A.D.