[Agora Monument] Northeast Complex

Domestic Unknown Miscellaneous Poor, foundations only ... Roman


[Corinth Monument] Northeast of Theater

In 2018 Chris Pfaff initiated excavations in a field directly adjacent and west of the old excavation dump and north of the Theater.


[Agora Monument] Northeast Stoa

Unknown Unknown Miscellaneous Reused Material Poor, foundations only ... 1st A.D.


[Agora Monument] Northwest Corner and the Hermes

Religious Unknown Marble Fair, numerous fragments and some bases. The area of the northwest corner is where the Panathenaic Way, leading from the main gate of Athens, the Dipylon, entered the Agora square ... Classical Hellenistic


[Corinth Monument] Northwest Shops

The shops were built immediately in front of the Northwest stoa later in the 1st century A.D. The large central chamber still preserves its stone vault. It is flanked by seven shops, which originally had ...