[Corinth Publication] Changing Port-City Interface at Corinth (Greece): Transformations and Opportunities

Zazzara, Lucio; D'Amico, Federico & Vrotsou, Marietta ... Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 48 This paper is concerned with the changing pattern of activity on the urban waterfront. It examines the strong increase in demand for maritime tourism in Corinth ... 2012


[Corinth Publication] Coins Excavated at Corinth, 1978-1980

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[Corinth Publication] Correction: Frankish Corinth: 1993

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[Corinth Publication] Correction: Frankish Corinth: 1994

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[Corinth Publication] Corrigendum: Frankish Corinth: 1994

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[Corinth Publication] Frankish Corinth, 1996: The Coins

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[Corinth Publication] An Early Ottoman Cemetery at Ancient Corinth

Zervos, Orestes H.; Rohn, Arthur H.; Barnes, Ethne & Sanders, Guy D. R ... Hesperia 78:4 The authors report in this article on the excavation and skeletal analyses of 81 graves containing the remains of 133 individuals in a 17th-century cemetery in the Panayia Field at Ancient ... October

[Corinth Publication] The Construction of Corinthian Identity in the Early Iron Age and Archaic Period

Ziskowski, Angela ... My work on this topic focused on whether or not archaeological remains and literary testimonia from the city and region of Corinth could provide evidence for the construction of civic and cultural identity ... 2011


[Corinth Publication] The Bellerophon Myth in Early Corinthian History and Art

Ziskowski, Angela ... ASCSA ... Hesperia 83:1 In the 7th century B.C., the popularity of the Bellerophon myth in Corinthian art and textual references argues for the importance of this story in the early history of the community. The ... January