[Ambrosia Publication] Tradition and re-interpretation in Jewish and Early Christian literature : essays in honour of Jürgen C.H. Lebram / edited by J.W. Van Henten ... [et al.].

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[Ambrosia Publication] The portrayal of Christ in the Syriac commentary on the Diatessaron / by Christian Lange.

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[Agora Publication Page] Agora 11, s. 204, p. 185

Table-supports. Tryphon and Polycharmos, Athenian New Style coin. Terracottas, archaistic idols, 4th century B.C. Altar of the Twelve Gods. Thanatos. Tyche. Theater. Tyrannicides. Tyrannicides of Kritios ... Agora 11 185 ... Pausanias, VIII, 22, 4-6 ... Cicero, Ad Atticum, I, 6, 2 ... Demosthenes, XX (Leptines), 112


[Agora Notebook Page] ΝΝ-43-37

Middle Terrace; South of Wall D; Layer VIII. Middle Terrace; South of Wall D; Among Stones of Bedding for Lekane 4; To Layer VIII. Middle Terrace; Wall D; Strosis of Wall. West Terrace; South End; Layer ... ΝΝ-43 Lot ΝΝ 226 Lot ΝΝ 227 Lot ΝΝ 228 Lot ΝΝ 229 Lot ΝΝ 4 Lot ΝΝ 5 Lot ΝΝ 6 Lot ΝΝ 1 Lot ΝΝ 2 Lot ΝΝ 3 Lot ΝΝ 230 Lot ΝΝ 231 Lot ΝΝ 232 Lot ΝΝ 233 ... Late 5th B.C ... Uncatalogued bits of Marble, Sculpture and Furniture; Obsidian, Etc ... Middle Terrace; South of Wall D; Layer VIII ... VIII

[Ambrosia Publication] Storia degli scavi di Roma e notizie intorno le collezioni romane di antichità / Rodolfo Lanciani ; premessa di Fausto Zevi.

Lanciani, Rodolfo Amedeo 1847-1929. Buzzetti, Carlo. Liverani, Paolo. Malvezzi Campeggi, Leonello ... Roma : Quasar, ... Istituto nazionale di archeologia e storia dell'arte (Italy) Italian and Latin. Originally published: 1902-1916. Includes bibliographical references and indexes. 1. 1000-1530 / coordinamento redazionale ... c1989- ... v. <1-6 > :

[Ambrosia Publication] Platonis opera omnia / Recensuit prolegomenis et commentariis instruxit Godofredus Stallbaum (et al.).

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[Ambrosia Publication] Transactions of the third International congress for the history of religions

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[Ambrosia Publication] Aristotelis Opera / ex recensione Immanuelis Bekkeri ; accedunt indices Sylburgiana.

Aristotle Bekker, Immanuel 1785-1871 ed. Sylburg, Friedrich 1536-1596 Neumann, Karl Friedrich, 1793-1870 ... Oxonii : e Typographeo academico, ... Each volume has also special t.-p. t. I. Organon -- t. II. Naturalis auscultationis libri VIII. De c lo libri Iv. De generatione et corruptione libri II -- t. III. Meteorologica. De mundo. De anima. De ... 1837 ... Stack: Ba 141.6 (British School Library)