[Ambrosia Publication] Aristotelis Opera / ex recensione Immanuelis Bekkeri ; accedunt indices Sylburgiana.

Aristotle Bekker, Immanuel 1785-1871 ed. Sylburg, Friedrich 1536-1596 Neumann, Karl Friedrich, 1793-1870 ... Oxonii : e Typographeo academico, ... Each volume has also special t.-p. t. I. Organon -- t. II. Naturalis auscultationis libri VIII. De c lo libri Iv. De generatione et corruptione libri II -- t. III. Meteorologica. De mundo. De anima. De ... 1837 ... Stack: Ba 141.6 (British School Library)


[Agora Deposit] U 21:1: Well

Well cut into bedrock under late Roman building in ΕΛ. 1.2m in diameter with small cutting of unclear function at south edge about 0.2m wide. Walls cut straight down, tapering near bottom to 0.8m. Footholds ... Late Archaic ... material (Neolithic, etc) mixed ... from the late 6th/early 5th ... 6th/early 5th B.C dumped fills

[Agora Publication] The North Slope Krater, New Fragments

Broneer, O ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... The calyx-krater of Exekias, first published in 1937,1 was discovered at the bottom of a well in the American School excavations on the North slope of the Acropolis in Athens. The circumstances of discovery ... 1956 ... Hesperia, VIII, 1939, pp. 91 ff ... colors, incisions, etc ... works.6 All have accepted the

[Corinth Report] South Stoa east excavations 2016, by An Jiang and Catharine Judson (April 5 - April 21): South Stoa Shop I Rear

An Jiang, Catharine Judson 2016 Corinth Session I South Stoa Excavation, Shop 1 Rear Coordinates: N: 1092.3, S: 1084.7, E: 355.9, W: 349.6 Excavation Dates: April 5-21, 2016 Introduction This is ... [Corinth P/T Group VIII, 287-252 ... redeposited fill, etc.). 3. To ... 349.6 Excavation Dates: