[Corinth Report] 2010 Session II White Team Final Report: Area North of 1961 Byzantine House - west room and southwest corner

North of Nezi 2010 White Second Session Report (John Tully) The following summarizes the results of excavations in two areas north of Nezi field during the second session of the 2010 excavation season ... Lattimore and Berg (NB 229, p ... the late 10th/11 ... 6624 (11th AD NPD). 6868,

[Corinth Report] Middle to Late Byzantine period in the courtyard of the 1961 House in the area North of Nezi Field

EXCAVATION SUMMARY We, Josh Gieske and Laurie Kilker, from April 11 to April 23 2008 excavated in the courtyard of the Byzantine house uncovered by the 1961 excavations in Agora SW-G, overseen by Steven ... Kilker, from April 11 to April ... pottery (late 11th - early ... the late 11th – early 12th

[Corinth Report] Courtyard of Byzantine house and rooms to north and northwest, Late Roman to Frankish levels

North of Nezi (Green) Report 2009: Scott Gallimore & Will Bruce The following summarizes results of excavations during the first session of 2009 at Corinth in three areas north of Nezi Field in the ... dated to the late 11th - ... – 11th centuries. This ... the 11th century. The

[Corinth Report] Kosmopoulos Material From the National Archaeological Museum at Athens Returned to Ancient Corinth Museum

Anna Belza, PhD Candidate University of Cincinnati ASCSA Corinth Museum Project Volunteer Fall 2020–Spring 2021 Project: Alice Leslie Walker Kosmopoulos, repatriation of Prehistoric material from the National ... Kosmopoulos 1948, p. 8, fn. 19. 6 ... Henry Robinson. Robinson ... combined (e.g., E35, 2TH, 11

[Corinth Report] Frankish Area: Unit 1, Courtyard, Northeast Corner

Temple E, Southeast Excavations 2017 Coordinates: N: 1043.270, S: 1039.866, E: 114.763, W: 109.937 This is the final summary report for work undertaken in the northeastern corner of the courtyard of Unit ... 849, p. 41). The clay floor ... 1992 (NB 849, pp. 11 ... 1107 (bottom elevation 84.11


[Agora Report] Preliminary Report on the 2012 Excavation Season

John McK. Camp II ... Excavations were carried out in four areas during the 2012 season: three in the area of the Painted Stoa at the northwest corner of the Agora (sections ΒΗ, ΒΖ, ΒΘ), and one in the Panthenaic Way (section ... 11 Jun-3 Aug 2012

[Corinth Report] 2015 Session II, Corridor N of Church and Room 6

Wesley Bennett and Lucas Stephens Session II Temple E Southeast Excavations Corridor North of Church: 1075-1078.5 N, 121.5-129.5 E Room 6: 1077-1085 N, 116.85-120.7 E 04-22.05.2015 This is the summary ... (1078.48-1079.62 N, 128.35-132.11 E), ... face of Wall 11 (NB 877 pp ... 2014-11) throughout the

[Corinth Report] Final Report 2012 Session 3: Team Pink

Kyle Mahoney and Rachel McCleery Nezi Field Excavations Final Report 1015.20 to 1005.80 N, 264.30 to 277 E May 28-June 15, 2012 This is the final report on the third session of excavation (May 28-June ... end of the 11th c. at the ... were covered by 10th-11th c ... wall 540, providing an 11