Kosmopoulos Trenches excavations 2020, by Belza, Anna (September 28 - November 20)Kosmopoulos Material From the National Archaeological Museum at Athens Returned to Ancient Corinth Museum   
 Temple E, Southeast excavations 2017, by Tori Bedingfield (May 2 - May 19)Frankish Area: Unit 1, Courtyard, Northeast Corner   
 New Apotheke: D. Kokolopoulos and E. Lambraki Field excavations 2016, by (May 30 - August 13)Final Report on the Excavations for the ASCSA’s New Apotheke   
 Temple E, Southeast excavations 2016, by Kaitlyn Stiles (May 4 - June 25)Session II and III Final Report: Interior of the Church in Unit 2 of the Frankish Quarter   
 South Stoa east excavations 2016, by An Jiang and Catharine Judson (April 5 - April 21)South Stoa Shop I Rear   
 South Stoa excavations 2016, by Alexandra Daly & Thalia Parr (April 5 - April 22)EXCAVATIONS OF SOUTH STOA, SHOP 2 REAR   
 Temple E, Southeast excavations 2015, by Emilio Rodriguez-Alvarez (June 2 - June 26)Corinth Report: Temple E Southeast excavations. Unit 2, Rooms 8 and 7.   
 Temple E, Southeast excavations 2015, by Sitz, Anna and Katz, Philip (June 2 - June 26)Unit 2, Room 9: later half of thirteenth century and earlier cistern; Unit 2, Room 6: Frankish burials and 13th century surfaces