[Ambrosia Publication] Libanii Opera / recensuit Richardus Foerster.

Libanius 314-393 Foerster, Richard 1843-1922 ed. Richsteig, Eberhard, 1892- ... Lipsiae : in aedibus B.G. Teubneri, ... On t.-p. of v. 9: Imprimendum curavit Eberhardus Richsteig. v. 1. Orationes I-Xi. 1903--v. 2. Orationes XII-XXV. 1904--v. 3. Orationes XXVI-L. 1906--v. 4. Orationes LI-LXIV. 1908--v. 5. Declamationes I-XII ... 1903-22 ... 1911--v. 7. Declamationes ... XIII-XXX. Accedit Gregorii Cyprii

[Corinth Basket] South Stoa Context 98: Fill of cut within drain (89)

James, S ... Deposit 1109 98 70% carbon, 2% coarse pebbles Top slope of the context is slight down to the N. Soil color is dark brownish brown. Soil is Loose poorly sorted sandy silt. This context was opened because ... 1st c. AD or earlier ... 7-9 cm of 11 cm total ... scarp of context (XXX

[Ambrosia Publication] Nonnos de Panopolis : les dionysiaques / texte établi et traduit par Francis Vian ... [et al.].

Nonnus of Panopolis Dionysiaca Chuvin, Pierre 1943- ed. Chrétien, Gisèle ed. Vian, Francis ed. Gerlaud, Bernard ed. Gerbeau, Joëlle ed. Hopkinson, Neil ed. Frangoulis, Hélène ed. Simon, Bernadette ed ... Paris : Les Belles Lettres, ... Includes bibliographical references and indexes. blg0306 blg1006 blg0307 v. 1. Chants I-II -- v. 2. Chants III-V / par Pierre Chuvin -- v. 3. Chants VI-VIII /texte établi et traduit par Pierre Chuvin -- ... 1976-<2006 > ... Gerlaud -- v. 7. Chants ... XXX-XXXII /texte établi et

[Ambrosia Publication] Aristotle, with an English translation : the 'Art' of rhetoric / [translated] by John Henry Freese.

Aristotle Armstrong, G. Cyril ed. Balme, D. M. (David M.), 1912- ed. Cooke, Harold P. ed. Cornford, Francis M. ed. Forster, E. S. ed. Freese, John Henry ed. Freese, John Henry, d. 1930 Furley, D. J. ed ... Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Press; London : W. Heinemann, ... Loeb classical library [193] Greek and English on opposite pages. Bibliography: p. xxviii-xxx. v. 1. The categories on interpretation / by Harold P. Coo ... Hugh Tredennick--Topica / by E.S. Forster--v ... 1926 ... W.K.C. Guthrie--v. 7 ... Bibliography: p. xxviii-xxx.


[Corinth Basket] NB986 B57 P148

Deposit 986 57 148 Lot 2007-022 Votive deposit of miniature vases in a depression with ash and charcoal west of W302. Light greyish brown, moderately compacted silty sand with 30% poorly sorted pebbles ... late 4th/early 3rd c. B.C ... (#3=C-07-7), part of a pedestalled ... (#7=C-07-10), part of the pedestalled ... post-excavation, see concordance p. xxx


[Corinth Basket] South Stoa Context 24: Red and Rubble fill in SE quadrant

James, S ... Deposit 1109 24 Lot 2015-054 60-70% of soil ranges from cobbles (mostly) with some boulders. Mostly subrounded clasts Top slope of the context is level. Soil color is light yellowish brown. Soil is Loose ... late 2nd-early 3rd c. AD ... 190 frag(s) 7.90 kg. (100% saved) cooking ware ... rectangular marble block (A XXX