Bowl with concave bottom, hemispherical body, tall vertical rim, flaring lip. Medallion: 4 palmettes in ring, two framing rings; corolla, row of fronds alternating with rosettes at tips (Cf. CP-XXXX-1927); ... 3rd c. B.C. ? ... Museum Basement; Drawer 34 (13/03/2017 10:44:09)


[Corinth Object] C 2001 20: CHYTRA I, SMALL

Chytra with rounded bottom, globular body with maximum diameter midway, curving in to flaring rim with internally convex profile, flat inward thickened lip, narrow oblique flange inside. A vertical strap ... ca. 300 B.C. (Edwards) ... Museum Basement; Bay 69; Shelf 2 (13/03/2017 10:44:09)


[Corinth Object] L 1996 2: ATTIC GLAZED LAMP

Flat base, flaring wall curving up to sloping shoulder concave discus. Solid vertical lug handle. Corinth XVIII #55 Two grooves on base, relief herringbone on shoulder, 12-petal rosette in discus, triple ... 2nd half 4th cent. AC ... Museum Basement; Drawer 66 (13/03/2017 10:44:09)



Type XXVII lamp with slightly concave bottom, offset by groove, deep flaring body. Solid vertical lug handle with 2 grooves down back. From same drain came 2 more frgts. Type XXVII rims with panel, stamped ... Late 2nd-3rd c. A.C ... Museum Basement; Drawer 66 (13/03/2017 10:44:09)


[Corinth Object] C 1932 98: EARLY CORINTHIAN KOTYLE

Kotyle with fine flaring fall-ring foot, with undersurface irregularly pared away from bottom. Deep body with max. diam. at lip, with slight convex profile. Two horizontal loop handles set below fine vertical ... Museum Basement; Bay 20; Shelf 3 (13/03/2017 10:44:09)

[Corinth Basket] Temple E, Southeast Context 383: Fill/surface of western portion of corridor

Burr, M. H.;Rogers, D ... Deposit 1108 383 around 70% inclusions (mainly coarse pebbles, some angular cobbles) Top slope of the context is level. Soil color is light yellowish grey. Soil is Firm poorly sorted sandy clay. Context ... 3rd-4th quarter 13th century ... 3rd-4th quarter 13th century

[Corinth Basket] Temple E, Southeast Context 1106: Lime floor, unpaved section courtyard unit 1

Bedingfield, T ... Deposit 1112 1106 Lot 2017-003 Inclusions: coarse sand (25%), lime (50-75%), charcoal (1-5mm, 1%), bone (<1%), tile (10%), fine to medium pebbles (angular, 10-20%). Top slope of the context is slight ... late 13th- early 14th c. AD ... late 13th- early 14th c. AD

[Ambrosia Publication] Islam, secularism, and nationalism in modern Turkey : who is a Turk? / Soner Cagaptay.

Cagaptay, Soner ... London : Routledge, ... Includes bibliographical references and index. gen0608 a Introduction : Turkish nationalism today -- Ch. 1. From the Muslim millet to the Turkish nation : the Ottoman Legacy -- Ch. 2. Secularism, Kemalist ... 2006 ... Islam, secularism, and nationalism in modern Turkey : who is a Turk? / Soner