[Agora Object] P 6552: Black Figure Stemless Cup or Plate Fragment with Graffito

From a stemless cup? or plate? With concentric bands underneath. On floor, right eye of a gorgon, the pupil purple, its outline incised. Incised undernath: Building fill over road, 6th.-5th. c. B' building ... 1935 ... Pottery


[Agora Object] P 7095: Black Figure Cup Fragment: Type C

Preserved is only part of foot and floor of a cup with a low broad torus foot. Inside in center, the head of a gorgon, the face reserved. Also reserved, the center of the underside of the foot, its convex ... 24 March 1936 ... Pottery


[Agora Object] P 7137: Black Figure Cup Fragment: Type C

Only the foot and the middle of the floor remain. A low foot, reserved on outer edge and in middle of underside. The stem, between foot and bowl, painted purple. The glaze thin and brown. In the medallion, ... 9 March 1936 ... Pottery


[Agora Object] P 1951: Vessel Fragment with Relief Decoration

Of the base, only about one-quarter of the circumference is preserved. At the top, where it joins the body of the bowl, it is intact and surrounds a face in relief framed by a radiating leaf pattern (Gorgoneion) ... 5 May 1933 ... Hellenistic Pottery and Wheelmade Table Ware | Other Vessels For Wine Service |