Small plate with flat bottom without foot. Strongly convex rim. "On floor, gorgoneion in outline. Hair heavily outlined with dots around edges and parallel vert. lines between outlines. Mouth rectangular ... 3rd quarter 5th c., based on Corinth 15.3 ... SMALL PLATE WITH "GORGONEION"


[Agora Object] P 402: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

Mended from many pieces. A little more than half preserved with missing fragments. Gorgoneion surrounded by raised band. Double row of small leaves surmounted by four large acanthus leaves (three preserved) ... 1 March 1932 ... Pottery


[Agora Object] P 406: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

Base and about a third of upper part preserved, with gaps. Gorgoneion framed with double moulded band, scraped groove between. Imbricated leaf pattern in six-pointed star. Fragmentary mythological(?), ... 17 March 1932 ... Base and about a third of upper part preserved, with gaps. Gorgoneion framed


[Agora Object] P 6478: Black Figure Cup Fragment

From a cup with a low broadly flaring foot. Gorgoneion in the medallion inside. Part of the mouth preserved, with tusks and protruding tongue. Purple red for tongue and inside of mouth seen between teeth ... 5 March 1935 ... Paralip., p. 78, (Palermo Gorgoneion P.)

[Agora Object] P 6552: Black Figure Stemless Cup or Plate Fragment with Graffito

From a stemless cup? or plate? With concentric bands underneath. On floor, right eye of a gorgon, the pupil purple, its outline incised. Incised undernath: Building fill over road, 6th.-5th. c. B' building ... 1935 ... Pottery


[Agora Object] P 7095: Black Figure Cup Fragment: Type C

Preserved is only part of foot and floor of a cup with a low broad torus foot. Inside in center, the head of a gorgon, the face reserved. Also reserved, the center of the underside of the foot, its convex ... 24 March 1936 ... a gorgon, the face ... band around the gorgon. ... the gorgon's teeth.


[Agora Object] P 7137: Black Figure Cup Fragment: Type C

Only the foot and the middle of the floor remain. A low foot, reserved on outer edge and in middle of underside. The stem, between foot and bowl, painted purple. The glaze thin and brown. In the medallion, ... 9 March 1936 ... gorgoneion, the face reserved.


[Agora Object] P 1951: Vessel Fragment with Relief Decoration

Of the base, only about one-quarter of the circumference is preserved. At the top, where it joins the body of the bowl, it is intact and surrounds a face in relief framed by a radiating leaf pattern (Gorgoneion) ... 5 May 1933 ... Pottery


[Agora Object] P 2432: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

Mended from four pieces. The central medallion on the bottom and part of the sides preserved. In the center, outside, within two raised ridges, a Gorgoneion. Beyond the ridges, bands of scale-like leaves ... 1932 ... Pottery


[Agora Object] P 3752: Vessel Fragment with Relief Decoration

Western Sigillata fragment. In relief, a gorgon's head on the vertical rim. Hole. Leica, 93-40-16 PD 1171-187 ... 27 April 1934 ... Western Sigillata fragment. In relief, a gorgon's head on the vertical rim.


[Agora Object] P 3988: Black Figure Skyphos Fragment

Part of rim preserved. Broken away below and on both sides. At left, a winged figure, (gorgon?), flees right; the head, right shoulder and leg missing. At right, part of a large palmette. White for flesh, ... 8 May 1934 ... figure, (gorgon?), flees right;


[Agora Object] P 5687: Black Figure Cup Fragment: Type C

The foot and short stout stem preserved with the center of the medallion, a gorgoneion. Added color for tongue, teeth, pupils of the eyes and tufts of hair. Surface. Leica, color slide ... 11 May 1935 ... Pottery

[Agora Object] P 6048: Black Figure Plate Fragments

Wide low ring foot, grooved; plain convex rim. Exterior unglazed, smooth polished surface. On reserved band on rim, line with dots on either side. Reserved band at base of rim: another around central mdallion ... 12 June 1935 ... medallion, gorgoneion, retouched


[Agora Object] P 4727: Black Figure Neck Amphora Fragment

Outward flaring keeled lip. On upper face of lip, procession of geese, right. On outer face of lip, between purple bands, "running dog". On front neck panel, gorgon running right, pick-like object in right ... 23 February 1935 ... gorgon running right,


[Agora Object] P 22895: Black Glaze Moldmade Footed Bowl

Four joining fragments give foot and part of lower wall of a bowl made by setting a large Megarian bowl on a wheelmade foot. Broad moulded ring foot; short stem. On floor, a scraped groove scratched through ... 13 March 1953 ... Pottery


[Agora Object] P 22175: Black Figure Cup Fragment

Much of wall and both handles missing; ragged hole in floor. Low flat base ring. On outside of wall, broad and narrow band both reserved; narrow reserved band inside lip. Black figure gorgoneion in medallion ... 25 July 1950 ... Pottery

[Agora Object] P 22192: Moldmade Bowl Fragments

a) Part of rim and upper border. b) Bottom and the start of the wall. Scraped groove, washed with pink under rim, at top of figured zone and around medallion. Upper border: spirals above a band of veined ... 18 July 1950 ... Gorgoneion. Firm metallic black

[Agora Object] P 19697: Black Figure Plate

Mended from many pieces; profile complete. At center of floor, gorgoneion. Patterned zones around: tongues, ivy wreath, and again tongues. At the start of the outcurved rim, discontinuous maeander; then ... 3-7 July 1947 ... floor, gorgoneion. Patterned ... gorgoneion painted in black glaze

[Agora Object] P 19882: Moldmade Bowl

About one-quarter of rim and wall missing. Two upper terminal bands: horizontal spirals and leaves above; band of leaves below. On body, repeated groups: Dionysos, nymph and satyr; Apollo with lyre; Amymone; ... 9 April 1949 ... Pottery

[Agora Object] P 11527: Moldmade Bowl

Profile and about half of lower body preserved. Restored in plaster. On bottom, gorgoneion within circle of dots, surrounded by ridges and a scraped groove. Wall to upper border covered with small veined ... 13-17 February 1937 ... gorgoneion within circle of dots,