[Agora Object] P 20964: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

Medallion and part of wall preserved. In medallion, gorgoneion. On wall, large feathered leaves alternating with figured scenes. On one side, group of seated Apollo and standing Leto with bud beneath ... 13 July 1949 ... Pottery


[Agora Object] P 20972: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

In medallion, gorgoneion. On lower wall, a row of beading and small imbricate veined leaves. Pinkish-buff clay. Black glaze. Pier 18 east, layer with burning over floor of Square Building ("bottom of ... 8 August 1949 ... In medallion, gorgoneion. On lower wall, a row of beading and small imbricate

[Agora Object] P 21030: Moldmade Amphora or Bowl Fragment

Base complete save for chips; bit of attached floor preserved. Broad, stepped base. On underside of foot a gorgoneion. Pinkish-buff clay, black glaze. No disturbance in box but disturbance at lower level ... 27 April 1933 ... Hellenistic Pottery and Wheelmade Table Ware | Other Vessels For Wine Service |


[Agora Object] P 21043: Moldmade Bowl Fragment

Mended from three pieces. Part of wall and small piece of bottom. Pointed egg band above; on wall, garlands with Nikai and Erotes, kantharos, Tritons, birds. Groups of imbricate leaves around lower part ... 13-14 March 1933 ... lower part. Gorgoneion on


[Agora Object] P 25316: Black Figure Plate Fragment

Center fragment and small part of foot. Gorgoneion surrounded by band of lotus bud and dots. Short incised strokes on lower jaw. Five concentric glazed circles on underside. West road and drain; east-west ... 1 June 1939 ... Pottery


[Agora Object] P 25353: Black Figure Vessel Fragment

Goose pecking left; opaque rosette. Red for the wing and alternate leaves of the rosette. Glazed inside; heavy fabric. Cf. Gorgon P. (Beazley, letter to L.T., 25 May 1956). "Worthy sherds from unworthy ... 1937 ... Gorgon P. (Beazley, letter to


[Agora Object] P 25365: Black Figure Olpe Fragment

Wall fragment. Forelegs and tiny part of the mane of a lion, right; arm, part of buttocks and leg of a man, right. Red on a stripe on the belly. Unglazed inside. By the Gorgon P. (BPh) Upper fill(?) Cistern ... 1933 ... Pottery


[Agora Object] P 26439: Black Figure Lid Fragment

Fragment from lid or from shoulder of pot. Lion moving right; trace of incised tail, flame mane. Red for mane, belly stripe. Unglazed inside. Gorgon painter? (MZP). Catalogued 1959. Well. Leica ... 25-29 May 1936 ... Pottery